The mission of the Puducherry police is to uphold the rule of law without fear or favour and to provide safety and security to the people without violating their Human Rights. The Police shall strive to maintain law and order and harmony in the society by performing duties in a non-partisan and unbiased manner and shall also focus on crime control in order to be able to instill confidence among the citizens.


              In doing so community policing by way of formation of community liaisoning groups, fishermen watch groups and peace committees in all Police Station limits at different levels shall be emphasized. The Police shall adopt a pro-active approach and attempt to solve them by way of mutual understanding and exercise restraint in the use of force even in the face of violence and grave provocation.


              They shall create an environment for healthy growth and development of the society and shall educate the youth in social defence by promoting awareness about the evils like drug addiction, gambling, sex abuse, etc. and be sensitized to the problems of women and Schedule Castes & Tribes.


              Pondicherry Police shall also modernize itself with necessary equipments and machineries to be able to cater to the needs of today’s society and will march towards e-governance with the help of information technology advancements so as to be able to provide speedy help to citizens in need.


             Welfare of the Police personnel shall be addressed and all attempts be made to facilitate a healthy and good lifestyle. To improve the skills of the Police force due emphasis shall be laid on proper training.