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CCTNS is a Mission Mode Project of Government of India for more than 2,000 Crore. NCRB is the National Nodal while CRB / SCRB are the Nodal for respective States / UTs. CCTNS project covers more than 21,000 Offices including (14,000 Police Stations and 6,000 Higher Offices). Additional fund were provided on various heads towards successful implementation in the country. This CCTNS contains A to Z of criminal case registered in a Police Station including FIR, Investigation, Prosecution etc.


Various High Level Committees are still functioning on its execution including Administration Heads at State / UT  level synchronizing with MHA at GoI level.


It is further submitted that succeeding to the latest technology, Police Department of India had adopted Crime Criminal Information System -

1. During 1990 - CCIS Crime Criminal Information System - Stand-alone with web

2. During 1995 - MeLIS - Stand-alone with web

3. During 2000 - CIPA Common Integrated Police Application - 4 Computer with Local Area Network with Web  

4. During 2008 - CCTNS Crime Crimial Tracking and Networking System - 4 Computer with Local Area Network (LAN)

   connected to SWAN linked to SDC and periodical synchronization with NSDC of NCRB) for the purpose of sharing Crime and

    Criminal Data within all Police Stations and Higher Offices in India. Since 2008, this project is being executed presently.


NCRB at Delhi:

1)    CCTNS Core Software Application is developed, Customized and being maintained and periodically updated by out-sourced agency M/s Wipro supported by other needy software agencies.

2)   Two Websites were developed in CCTNS

A. Back end - Website for Police Stations and Higher Offices (G2G - Government to Government Service)

B. Front end - Website for Citizens (G2C - Government to Citizen Service)

3)   Both dynamic websites are loaded with dedicated CCTNS Core Application Software developed by M/s Wipro. 2 types of CAS periodically updated and distributed to all States and UTs.

4)   States and UTs were permitted to do Local Customization to suit the local requirements that escalates time to time.

5)   FIRs and other data updated by every Police Station are periodically updated in the SDC of the respective State / UT. In turn all such uploaded data are periodically updated in the National SDC of NCRB at Delhi. This enables all higher office to access FIR of all Police Stations in India as per access clearance of NCRB.

6)   The CCTNS Citizen Website of Puducherry Police was already given link in the Puducherry Police Website.


States / UTs: Puducherry UT:

7)   Puducherry Police had out-sourced with M/s Wipro for Project Assessment and Projection who had prepared as-is and PIM report. Then outsourced for its Implementation, Local customization and creating user interface as required by Puducherry UT,  and Maintenance with M/s NIIT. The work of NIIT is being monitored by professionally by another Outsourced Software agency M/s Ernst & Young at the cost of about 11 Crores inclusive of Capacity Building, Hand Holding, Training etc to Puduchery Police and Police Stations / Offices and Officers.

8)   The CCTNS Puducherry has its dedicated SDC co-located at SDC Puducherry, Kalapet.

9)   M/s NIIT and M/s E&Y are the Outsourced agencies for five years for implementation, Local customization and creating UI (user interface) as required by Puducherry UT, maintenance and etc.

10) Two Websites were installed and maintained under CCTNS for Puducherry

a.  Back end -  Website for Police Stations and Higher Offices of Puducherry (G2G - Government to Government Service)

b.   Front end - Website for Citizens of Puducherry (G2C - Government to Citizen Service)


Supreme Court Guidelines, its implementation in CCTNS at NCRB, MHA: At Government of India level, NCRB is enforcing / executing the guidelines of Supreme Court to enable availability of FIRs to Citizen through CCTNS Citizen Portal/Website by customizing the CCTNS Core Application Software (CAS) and the latest updated version CAS 4.5 version will be released before 15th Nov 2016. This will make every Citizen to access their respective FIR copies through CCTNS Citizen Website.

DEMO - Dynamic Web page for FIR ***

Front end - Citizen Portal : http://evapps.in/evdemo/fir/index
Back end - Police Portal: http://evapps.in/evdemo/fir/manage/login
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