Beware of Various Crimes


1. A person draws money from bank, keeps it in suit case and keeps the same in a vehicle. Before getting into car, the offender diverts his attention by dropping some currency notes and takes away brief case.       


2. A man proceeds by Bike /scooter after drawing some money from bank holding a jip bag. The offender sprinkles dirt on his shirt and ask him to wash. While the victim is washing the shirt, the bag is lifted some times the offender offers, to hold the bag and escapes with it.


3. A man is watched while getting out of a bank carrying cash or valuables. He is accosted by the offender to offer to show god or any departed relative's soul. The victim refuses to believe. Meanwhile another associate of the offender enters the Scene and pretends as though he watches his dead relative. The victim also gets excited about this. He is asked to walk with empty hands i.e., without anything except clothes. While he does this, the bag will be taken away.


4. Offender promises to polish gold ornaments free of cost or minimum rate; He develops confidence by polishing brass, silver articles. They all glitter. Thereafter he takes the gold ornaments and ask the house lady to get some hot water. After the woman gets hot water he puts some mixture into the hot water along with the gold ornaments. Later he performs some trick of hand and asks the woman to wait for 15 minutes. Then the offender goes out on the pretext of having a smoke & carries with him the gold ornaments

5 The offender offers to sell a gold ingot to prospective buyers and cuts a piece out of it which is genuine and asks them to check it outside. He comes on the next day and takes money or even jewellery if the victim falls short of cash for the gold, ingot. The gold ingot turns out to be take.


6. A Swamij1 offers to perform Laxmi Pooja and asks for ornaments to decorate the goddess. Finding suitable time, he leaves with the ornaments.


7. The trickester goes to the house of the victim in the absence of the house owner, Says that some loan is sanctioned in the name of the house wife. Asks her to follow to the nearby bank or MRO's office. Pretends to go inside and talk to the concerned. He tells the woman to the remove the ornaments and give them to him so as to look poor and thus be eligible for the loan. While she goes inside, the offender escapes with the ornaments.


8. Offender give some genuine notes by terming them as notes made by him and offers to give double or triple amount initially for small amounts. Later he induces the victim to give large amounts. While a transaction takes place, fake police conduct raid. The victim runs away with fake notes or empty hands and the offender runs away with the genuine notes.


9. A bogus customer goes to a shop, buys articles, and takes the shop-boy along with him to take the cash. On the way home, he pretends as though the vehicle develops some trouble or sends the Shop-boy on a small errand like fetching a pawn and escapes with the goods.


10. A well dressed woman goes to jewellery shop, sees various samples and flicks a few ornaments by keeping hand kerchief on the ornaments by doing some tricks. Shop Keepers can be advised to keep a CCTV to monitor the customers.



11. Offender opens the main door where poor metal padlock is fixed or where the padlock is fixed with delicate screws. The screws are easily removed and the padlock comes out.


12. Even when the front door is strong, the rear/toilet doors .will be weak. They are wholly play wood shutters. Such doors can be easily broken.


13. Use of strong handles instead of ornamental handles which are inherently weak.


14. Ventilator/Exhaust fan holes. Strong grill is not provided. Offender can easily enter.


15. The inmates go out on a holiday locking the almyrahs. Keys are kept underneath a pillow or in a cup-board or above the almyrah itself. The lockers keys are kept in the folds of sarees, etc.


16. Fixing magic eye or safety chain to all doors i.e., front, rear and all the doors opening out.


17. Keeping caller identity system for telephones to trace nuisance calls or threatening calls.


18. The offence enter the house on the cover of electric lineman or telephone line man or sale man/woman or requesting for some water and after observing the number of inmates, position of the victims, etc., they snatch away the property.
Never open the door for a stranger.


19. House maid/servants have to be appointed after due verifications, after taking photograph, fingerprints and if necessary checking at native place.


20. Women walking with ornaments should cover them under blouse/saree. When a woman openly display gold chain the offender comes and snatch the chain.


21. Preserving the scene of burglary: Not to meddle with handles of almirahs, glass and other smooth articles, not to trample the scene of offences till the police examine.


22. Burglar alarm system to be demonstrated.