Beware of Crimes - Short briefs


Suspicious Objects


Prevent House Breaking

Burglary Prevention

House Safety

Guidelines For Safe Guarding Your Property


Tenant Verification Form

Hiring Domestic Servants


Car Drivers & Owners

Prevent Vehicle and cycle Theft


Safety Tips for Schools and Parents

Foreign Jobs

Youth and Drugs

Computer and Internet

Police Guidelines - Instructions to Cyber Coffee - Internet Centers

Safety tips for Computer and Browsing as on 04.11.12

Parental Guide to Internet Safety

Guide to retrieve Information from any Mobile Phone




Essential and Security Features of Bank / Currency Notes

 Genuine Note Features

Counterfeit Currency

RBI Pamphlet Fake Currency in English / Tamil  

RBI Silent features of Genuine Note New presentation by RBI dt 24.01.12

Before You Invest

Security Review on Safe Banking


Safe Banking - Tips for Bank Staffs

Safe Banking - Tips for Bank Customers

Safe Banking - General Tips

ATM Theft alerts


Beware of Video Piracy

Disaster Warning - Emergency Phone Numbers of various departments of Puducherry Region

Disaster Management for Natural Calamities 20.09.11

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