Museum Photos

A POLICE Museum has been opened at No.24, Jawaharlal Nehru Street, Puducherry on 10.07.92. The Museum will help in educating the public regarding the various aspects of Puducherry Police and its evolution from the French time to the modern Indian times. It will also help in building up police-public relations.  



The Police Museum shall be kept open for the public during the following timings:  

9 A.M.  to  1 P.M. 


  2 P.M.  to  6 P.M.  

The museum shall be closed on Mondays for maintenance and other works.



The Police Museum will function under the immediate supervision of Inspector CB/CID under the overall supervision of SP(CID). Inspector CB/CID will choose suitable police/Home Guards personnel for looking after the museum on a day- to – day basis.  Inspector CB/CID shall personally brief the staff to be polite in their behaviour with the members of public.


Armoury Section:  

The Police Museum will have an Armoury Section in which certain types of arms and ammunition will be on display for public view.  The purpose will be to arouse public interest in the various types of arms and ammunition being used by the police.  For the purpose of supervision, maintenance and security, the Armoury Section of the Museum will come under SI/Armoury under the overall supervision of CMT/PAP. CMT will also depute one of the Armoury staff to take exclusive charge of the Armoury Section of the Police Museum. For all purposes, the Armoury Section of the police museum will be treated as an extension of the main Police Armoury.



Since arms and ammunition are being kept in the museum, CMT/PAP will arrange to post an armed guard for the museum. It will be his responsibility also to check the guard from time to time to ensure alertness and proper discharge of duties. A proper Standing Order would be prepared for the purpose by the CMT and the Guard personnel briefed.


Maintenance of Other Sections:  

Inspector (Stores) will be responsible for the maintenance of the Police Museum. This will include periodical cleaning, repairs, if any etc.


Visiting of School Children:

Inspector (Traffic) will include the Police Museum as a part of the various other units being shown to the school children from time to time. Whenever school children are brought, Inspector (Traffic) will ensure that they were properly guided and escorted into the museum.


Records and Registers:

The following records and registers shall be maintained for the Police Museum

          1.  General Stock Register

          2.  Arms and Ammunitions stock register

          3.  Sentry Relief Book

          4.  Inspector’s Casual Inspection Register

          5.  GO’s Casual Inspection Register

          6.  Maintenance


Visitors’ Book:

A neatly bound book will be maintained for eminent visitors to record their views about the Police Museum.


Suggestion Book:

A suggestion book shall be kept in the museum for writing suggestions, if any, from the visitors.  This book will be put up for the perusal of  SP(CID) from time to time. SP(CID) may discuss further with SSP(C&I) and SSP(L&O) regarding ant further action to be taken on the suggestions.


Further Expansion:

All police officers will take keen interest in the expansion of the museum.  Any exhibit they come across from time to time should be suggested and procured for display in the museum.