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         FOREIGNERS REGISTRATION OFFICE (FRO) of Intelligence Bureau (IB), Chennai was monitoring the movements of Foreigners covering the UT of Puducherry by establishing it branch office at Pondicherry.


              Following the development of Aurobindo Ashram at Auroville village, the flow of Foreigners increase considerable inviting security threat. So during 1963 the workload for RRO (IB) was reallocated to cover the  jurisdiction of Puducherry UT and  Vannoor District of Tamil Nadu.  In this regard, MHA had established its own office at Puducherry by re-allocating the workload vide notification No.25022/7/77, F.I (i) dated 01.04.1977.  IGP, Puducherry was appointed as FRRO to cover the jurisdiction of Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam regions of Pondicherry vide revised notification GO Ms.No.1/77, dated 25.05.1977. RRO (IB) at Puducherry governs stay of Foreigners at Puducherry & Vanoor district covering Auroville.


          Since then the Registration of Foreigners movements and stay at Mahe, Yanam and Karaikal are governed by FRO (Police) at Puducherry under the control of IGP Puducherry.


          IGP Puducherry had re-delegated his power of FRO by creating FRRO Unit under the control of one Inspector citing his workloads to Government vide order No.25022/112/82-F.I, dated July 1982.  In this regard, the sample signature of Inspector of Police posted at FRO Unit will be sent to IB authorized by IGP and copies will be marked to all immigration points in India for information.




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          Whenever any Non Residential Indians belongs to Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam regions arrives India and staying more that the specified days (90 days) have to register his entry into India with FRO and if he seeks further extension of stay beyond the visa period then he have to apply for it before the Regional Administrative Office / Regional Executive Officer concerned who will recommend the fit case to Home Secretary, Puducherry for extension of VISA. Home Secretary will then pass necessary order deems fit to FRRO, Puducherry to endorse extension of visa period in the passport and make due entries in the specified register being maintained there.


            During 2003, following the workload at FRRO Puducherry and the request of the NRI of Karaikal, the FRRO work of Karaikal Region was reallocated with Inspector Kottucherry Circle under rule 3(2) of Registration of For Foreigners rules, 1939 vide order No.XI/Misc/305/2003, dated 24.03.2003 and again reallocated on SP (Karaikal) for administrative reasons.


           It makes endorsement for VISA EXTENSION on the NRI Passports as ordered by Home Secretary, GOI / Home Secretary, Puducherry on the recommendation of the respective REO’s (Karaikal / Mahe / Yanam) for the fit case .




             At present FRRO, Puducherry additionally doing the duties of passport verifications received from RPO, Chennai  (Regional Passport Officer) of entire Puducherry regions and directly sending the reports Regional Passport Officer, Chennai marking a copy to Home Department under the administrative Control of SP (SB) and SSP (C&I). Passport verifications relating to Karaikal, Mahe & Yanam Regions are carried out by SSP's Karaikal, SP Mahe and CI Yanam respectively as per the standing instruction of IGP.