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          Consequent on the merger of Puducherry to the Indian Union a Ten Digit Finger Print Bureau was started during 1955 on the pattern of Tamilnadu by taking a Finger Print Expert on deputation from Tamilnadu Finger Print Bureau. This process continued till 1964.


         Local persons were recruited as Finger Print searcher during 1964. The nomenclature of posts, pay scale and Recruitment rules of Tamilnadu Finger Print Bureau were adopted. These posts were categorized as Technical.


          A Single Digit Finger Print Bureau was started during 1965. Equipments alone were purchased. No staff was sanctioned to work  it out efficiently.


          A post of Tester Sub Inspector was created during 1970 to permit an Expert of this Bureau to enter into the Jail as per the provision of section 2 of the identification of prisoner’s Act 1920 and to test the Finger Prints of convict as in Tamilnadu Finger Print Bureau.


         A post of Finger Print Inspector/Director Sanction is accorded to the transfer of one post of Inspector of Police created in this Department G.O. Ms. No. 54, dt.19.08.87 and made permanent in G.O.Ms.No.72 dt.10.7.91 from Pondicherry Armed Police V-th company to Finger Print Bureau of Police Department, Pondicherry.


         During 1980 the Finger Print Bureau staff were formally enrolled as police personnel in order to extend the various benefits and concessions admissible for police.


         The work in the Finger Print Bureau has increased to several folds. Year to year proposal were sent to the Government of India to strengthen the Finger Print Bureau. No additional post has been sanctioned so far. Hence there is stagnation  at all level and shortage of staff. A post of Inspector of Police from PAP ‘E’ Coy was transferred to the Finger Print Bureau and designated as Director and filled in during march ,99.






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Finger Print Expert

 FP searcher


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1.   It scrutinizes, classifies and arranges the Finger print Records in their order and maintain them. Sends  

      duplicate Record slips to the  National Crime Records Bureau and other Bureaux.

2.   It searches the Finger Prints of arrestees and intimates the criminal antecedents if any or otherwise to 

      the concerned  police station.

3.   It maintains O.V. Report and intimates to police officers concerned if and when he is traced.  

4.   Visits Scene of Crime to search for Finger print clues and develops chance prints.  

5.   It compares the chance  prints obtained from the Scenes of Crime with the Finger prints of  inmates,

      suspects and in the Records and  identify the accused/criminal.  

6.   Apart from a search in this Bureau, unidentified chance prints are compared  in the neighboring state

      Bureaux and identifies the culprit. 

7.   It gives opinion both in Civil and Criminal cases on disputed thumb impressions.  

8.   It searches the Finger prints of the unidentified Dead bodies and identifies it, if he had a criminal Record.

9.   Furnishes certificate of Finger print Examination on admitted and disputed thumb impressions.  

10. Gives evidence in the Courts of law as and when summoned.