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         FOREIGNERS REGISTRATION OFFICE (FRO),Puducherry is functioning in the Ground Floor of the CID Building Complex located at the eastern side of the IGP’s Office.




              The Foreigners Registration Office was established in Puducherry during 1963. Vide Government Notification No. 25022/7/77-F.I.(i) dated 1st April, 1977 of the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi the Inspector General of Police had been nominated as the Foreigners Registration Officer for the Union Territory of Puducherry covering nearby areas in Tamil Nadu like Kottakuppam, Vanur P.S. limits between 01.10.1963 to 13.04.1977 working under the supervision of The Chief Immigration Officer, Bureau of Immigration, Madras, with an officer of Intelligence Bureau on deputation to look after the registration work.


            The Foreigners Regional Registration Office for Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam, Puducherry vide Notification G.O. Ms. No. 1/77 dated 25.5.1977 of the Home Department, Puducherry was initially functioning in the beach road where at present SSP(L&O) office, later it was shifted to the ground floor of the CID complex located at the eastern side of IGP Office.  The Regional Registration Officer for Puducherry UT, Kottakuppam and Vanur PS limits in Tamil Nadu under the control of Intelligence Bureau was shifted to the IIIrd Floor, Housing Board Building, Anna Nagar, Puducherry.


            The growth of Foreigners population in and around Puducherry had increasing day by day, respectively their activities including their migration / settlement in Puducherry, Auroville, and other nearby Tamil Nadu areas had also increased.


            To monitor their activities and movements, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, has appointed a Regional Registration Officer with the supporting staff from Intelligence Bureau for Puducherry and its nearby Tamil Nadu areas like Auroville, Kottakuppam, etc. under the control of Chief Immigration Officer, Chennai by de-marking the jurisdiction limit of IGP Puducherry as Mahe, Yanam, and Karaikal regions of U.T. of Puducherry vide. Notification No.25022/7/77-I (1) of Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi, dt:01.04.1977 and the notification of Home Department the Government of Puducherry vide G.O.Ms.No.1/77 dt: 25.05.1977, the Inspector General of Police, has been appointed as Foreigners Registration Officer for Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam regions.


           To reduce the work load of IGP, Puducherry, IGP had   re-delegated his FRRO powers to Inspector FRRO on the powers conferred on him vide Order No. 25022/112/82-F.I, July 1982 by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Authorization/re-delegation order conferred on the Inspector FRRO with sample signatures will be sent to IB including the offices of all RRO’s, all Immigration points and all concerned for information.




             The Inspector General of Police, Puducherry had authorized the Inspector of Police, Kottucherry Circle, Karaikal to perform the functions of the Registration Officer in respect of Karaikal region on behalf of IGP under rule 3(2) of the Registration of foreigners’ rules, 1939 vide order No.XI/Misc/305/2003, dt: 24.03.2003. 


             As per the above order an office was functioning at Karaikal in CI, Kottucherry office from 01.04.2003. All the corresponding files relating to the foreigners of Indian origin residing at Karaikal region were handed over to Thiru. D. Marimuthu, Inspector of Police, Kottucherry Circle on 29.03.2003. Then the authorization of powers of Registration Officer was given to Supdt. of Police, Karaikal vide Memorandum No.24/SP(HQ)/TR/2004 dated 28.6.2004.


   The Foreigners’ Registration Office, Puducherry is functioning under the direct supervision of the Supdt. of Police, Special Branch, Puducherry and consisting of 1 Inspector, 2 Sub-Inspectors, 6 Head Constables and 3 Police Constables as its actual strength.


              With the sole intension to cooperate the Ministry of External Affairs in the issuance of Passport to the Citizens of India within the stipulated time, the staff of FRO are often instructed/briefed from time to time regarding the schemes often introduced by the Ministry to provide quick service to the public in issue/re-issue of Passports and procedures relating to issuance and renewal of Passports. 


             The letter with Ref. No. MAS/551/11/2002, dt:25.09.2003 from the RPO, Chennai reached our office in the year 2003 intimating  the decision of  the Government to reimburse      Rs. 100/- to State Government/Union Territory w.e.f 01.04.2004 for each clear Police Verification Reports received subject to the condition that such PVRs are received in response to Personal Particular Forms directly referred by RPO at Chennai and the Passport Application Collection Centre, Puducherry.


             Recently in letter D.O. No. 25022/53/04-Imm. Dated: 11.07.2005 from the Home Secretary, Govt. of India, New Delhi, it is stated that the Police verification reports for issuance of Indian Passport should be completed within the period of 3 weeks utmost with intension that the Police Verification shall be so reengineered that the verification in respect of each individuals reference from the Passport officers is completed in a time bound manner and the PVRs delivers within a maximum period of 3 weeks.   In this scheme the Ministry of External Affairs has been decided to continue the payment of incentive of Rs. 100/- for each application in respect of which clear Police verification is received within 20 days but   Rs.  25/- (As against Rs. 50/-) for each application in respect of which clear Police verification report is received from 21st days and beyond with effect from 01.09.2005 onwards.  In concerned with FRO, Puducherry the conditions laid in the above mentioned letter are strictly followed and the PVRs received by this office so far has been cleared and submitted within the stipulated period of less than 3 weeks.  Monthly abstracts containing the details regarding the time of disposal of PVR in respect of Passport applicants is also submitted by this office to the Deputy Secretary to Government, Home Department, Puducherry.




          The Foreigners including foreigners of Indian origin having their respective foreign nationality in any form including retired French Soldiers, retired French civil officers etc. settled temporarily/ permanently in Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam regions will apply for their periodical extension to stay in India as per Registration rules.


While applying for extension of stay, they will submit their written application to the Regional Administrative Officer (Karaikal/Mahe/Yanam). Regional Administrative Officer (Karaikal / Mahe / Yanam) will recommend to the Home Department, Puducherry after obtaining necessary police verification, and will intimating Inspector FRO, Puducherry. Home Department will issue necessary orders to Inspector - FRO, on the approval of the Chief Secretary, Puducherry if the period of stay exceeding six months. Accordingly, Inspector FRO will issue the stay permit as per the orders of the Home Department.


            1.  If the stay permit is for the first time, the Home Department will directly issue order to Inspector - FRO, Puducherry, on the approval of the Chief Secretary, Puducherry for the grant of extension of stay.


            2.   If the stay permit is for the second time or subsequent extension for the stay of the foreigner entered India on a valid visa and wants further extension then in such cases, the copy of the order granting extension of stay will be marked to the Under Secretary to Government, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, New Delhi.




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