The Puducherry Armed Police was established in the year 1956 with strength of 181 police personnel to replace the erstwhile “Sepoy Company” in existence during the French Regime.


The post of Commandant / PAP was created in the year 1963.


This force was augmented by creating the second company with the additional strength of 180 police personnel in the year 1966.

 In the year 1973, third company was added to Puducherry Armed Police with the strength of 180 police personnel in all.


The fourth and fifth companies were created in the years 1985 and 1987 with the strength of 143 and 125 police personnel respectively.


These 5 companies have been assigned as A, B, C, D and E companies. Each company is placed under the control of an officer in the rank of Inspector of Police, and under the overall control of the commandant (PAP).


As per the order No.152/2005-Home dt. 14.12.2005 of the Home Department, Puducherry and the entire PAP is functioning under the overall supervision of DIG.

 Another post of Commandant, i.e. Commandant – II, was sanctioned in the year 1985 and the post was subsequently re-designated as S.P and transferred to Mahe.




Initially, the Puducherry Armed Police had been housed in the Police Head Quarters. Since the space available there was insufficient following adding of more Companies in the PAP, and there was also a need for constructing Quarters for the Police Personnel, a total extent of 34.89.25 Ha (i.e.) 86 acres and 21 cents was acquired at Thattanchavady Revenue Village in Gorimedu, Puducherry and building were constructed for the above purposes. The Puducherry Armed Police started functioning in the present premises in the year 1973.

The Puducherry Armed Police has an Administrative Block in which the Office of the Commandant, PAP and the officers of the Inspectors of 5 Companies are located. There is a stadium with Parade Ground, where parades are conducted regularly. There is a common mess for PAP personnel. There are separate buildings for Armory Unit and Band Unit. There is a Mini Firing Range, where firing practices are conducted for small arms. One Indoor Shuttle Court, a Police Gymnasium, and two open Tennis Court are also functioning under the control of PAP.

There are 187 Nos. of residential quarters in the Gorimedu Police Complex. Out of 187, 160 Nos. of Type –I , 14 Nos. of Type –II, 12 Nos. of Type –III and one GO Quarters.

There are 303 Nos. of residential quarters in the Shanmugapuram Police Complex. Out of 303, 212 Nos. of Type–I, 56 Nos. of Type – II, 35 Nos of Type – III. Inspector of Police “E” Coy is the Line Officer of the above quarters. He is looking after the maintenance, cleaning etc.

A Primary Health Center with the strength of one Medical Officer, one staff Nurse and 4 other Para-medical staff is functioning at Gorimedu for providing treatment to the police personnel and their families. The building for the PHC has been provided by the Police Department and other facilities are extended by the Health Department.




A Band unit is functioning with the strength of one Sub Inspector of Police, 4 Head Constables and 12 Police Constables, and it is placed under the control of Inspector of Police ‘A’ Company in order to have proper control of the Band Unit and it is housed in the Police Complex. There is a committee for the Band Unit consisting of IGP as President, SSP (L&O) as, Vice President to review the activities and functioning of the Band Unit. The Band party performs music in Government functions. Apart from this, the Band Party is deputed to the private functions of Police Personnel and members of public on payment of Rs.1, 500/- and Rs.6000/- for 2 hours duration respectively. The band party will be sent to 150 kms away from Puducherry after getting approval of the SSP (L&O). Private parties who require the services of Band Unit shall have to apply in writing to Inspector of Police ‘A’ Coy on payment. The Band is provided to private functions only when they are not engaged in official function and is subject to approval of Commandant, PAP. In order to attract tourist and to have close relationship with the public, every Saturday evening the Band party is deputed to play music at beach road where public presence is high, if there is no other official engagement of the Band.




An Armory Unit is functioning adjacent to the main Administrative Block. At present, 2 HCs and 8 PCs are working in this unit. Out of 8 PCs, 2 PCs have been sent to IEME, Secundarabad for Armourer basic course.


Various types of Arms and Ammunitions and Munitions including Civl Arms deposited by SHOs of all Police Stations of U.T. of Puducherry are kept in the Armoury Unit.


In addition to the above, the arms, ammunitions and munitions allotted to the IRBn, Puducherry are kept in the Armoury.


Vajra and Varun vehicles are under the control of Armoury Unit. The Armoury Unit is functioning under the control of Inspector of Police ‘C’ Coy.