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The Traffic Police Station Puducherry has started functioning from 26-09-1967 consequent to  the Govt. of Puducherry Notification No. 63-61/57 Dated 26-09-1967. The Jurisdiction of  each zone, duties and responsibilities and the records to be maintained in the Police station were formulated vide Police Standing Order No. 18/89 Dt. 15-09-1989. At present The  Traffic  Police  Station, Puducherry  and  the  Office  of  the  Superintendent  of  Police (Traffic)  are  functioning at door No. No.22,  Jawaharlal  Nehru Street,  Puducherry  at  the  Junction  of  Jawaharlal  Nehru  Street  and  H.M. Kasim  Salai.   It  is  flanked  by  Raj Nivas  on  Eastern  Side,   500  meters  away  from  the  Station.   Grand Bazaar  Police Station  and  the  main  Markets  are  located  500  meters  away  on  the  Western  side.   The  Traffic  Police  has  the  jurisdiction  of  the  entire  North and South  Sub-Divisions expect Villianur PS. This Police station is manned by Two  Inspectors,  4  Sub-Inspectors,  6  Head  Constables,  68  Police Constables  under  the  direct  supervision  of   the  Superintendent  of  Police (Traffic).     

            Traffic  Policemen  from  Constable  to  Inspector  will  be  in  neat  White  Uniform  with  red  lanyard  and  other  prescribed items  .   Further,  this  Unit  extended  its  hands  on  Road  Engineering  Works  like  erecting  Sign  Boards,  Maintenance  of  Automatic  Signals,  Maintenance  of  Solar  Traffic  Booths,  Road  Markings,  etc.  

AREA =17  Sq.  Kms















Sanctioned  Strength







            The entire Jurisdiction of Traffic Police station  Puducherry   is  divided  into  Four  Zones  and  each  zone  is  under  the  control of  one  Sub-Inspector.   Inspector  Traffic / SHO  is  supervising  all the  four  zones.


            This  zone  will cover  the  entire  stretch  of  N.H -45 –A,  Villupuram  Road up to Arumparthapuram Railway gate, Lal Bahadur Sastri Street  up to  Goubert  Avenue (Beach Road)  including  Old  and  New  Bus  Stand,  Cuddalore  Road  from  Anthoniar  Koil Junction  to  Murungapakkam  and  other  areas  of  Mudaliarpet  P.S, Reddiarpalayam P.S and  Orleanpet  P.S.  jurisdictions.  


             This  zone  will cover  entire Kamarajar  Salai  from  Gorimedu  to  Pattanikadai  junction,  Anna Salai  from Odiansalai  to  45 Feet  Road  junction,  Thiruvalluvar  Salai,  Vazhudavour  Road  upto  Iyyankuttipalayam  and  other  areas  of  D’Nagar  P.S  limits.  


            This  zone  will  cover  J. N. Street,  Rangapillai  Street,  Ambalathadayar  Madam Street,  Sinna Subraya Pillai Street,  Bharathi Street,  M.G. Road  from  Petty Bazaar  to  Ajantha  junction,  Mission Street  from  Lal Bahadur  Sastri Street  to  Sardhar Vallabai Patel Salai  and  other  areas  in  Grand  Bazaar  PS  limits. 


            This  zone  will  cover  Sardhar Vallabai Patel Salai,  Ambour Salai  and  Gingee  Salai,  Goubert Avenue (Beach Road),  Uppalam  Road  upto  Cuddalore Road  junction,  M.G.Road  from  Ajantha  junction  to  Puducherry  Border,  Karuvadikuppam,  Lawspet  Road  and  other  areas  of  Odian Salai, Kalapet PS and   and  Muthialpet  P.S.  limits.



            The Puducherry Urban limit has at present the following number of vehicles other than cycle rickshaws and the cycles.   Besides we have a large number  of  buses,  trucks,  cars  and  other vehicles frequenting  Puducherry from various  places in Tamil Nadu and other neighboring states every day,  as  the  Puducherry  Region  is  a  very  good  place  for  tourism,  commercial  and  industrial activities.  


Computerized  Record Of  Traffic  Bookings  And  Warnings 

            For  better  regulation of  traffic  and  prevention  of  Road  Traffic  Accidents,  a  TRAFFIC  CONTROL  ROOM  is  functioning  smoothly in  this  Unit.   In  order  to enhance  its  machinery,  the  Traffic  Unit  of  Puducherry  Police  has  taken  steps  to  computerize  the  records  of  M.V. Act  cases,  so  that  conviction  history   can  be  prepared  and  used  for  more  effective  prosecution  of habitual   Traffic offenders.    An  officer  who  stops  a  vehicle  on  the  road  can   get  on-line  information  on  wireless  within  few  seconds  from  the  Traffic Control Room  of  Traffic  Unit  as  to  whether  the vehicle  driver  had  been  booked  earlier  for Traffic  Offences.    As  per  earlier  records,  appropriate  action  is  taken  on  the  offender  without  delay.   

 On  Line Computerized  Record  of  Vehicles 

            The Traffic Unit in liaison with the Transport Authorities has started collecting particulars  of  registration of vehicles for feeding the same to the computers  for record  at  Traffic  Police  Station  and  the  same  also  supplied  to  all  units  of  Puducherry  Police for  effective  enforcement.   This computerized record of vehicles will be used to trace the vehicles involved in accidents,  other traffic offences,  stolen  vehicles  and  abandoned  vehicles.      

Advantages  of this system :- 

Ø       Speedy  Action   ie.,  During  the  course  of   a   road accident  or  any  offence  with  vehicle,   police  will  be  waiting  in  the residence   of  the  Offender  before  the  offender  reaching  his/her  residence  

Ø       Hit  &  Run  cases  can  be  traced  easily. 

Ø       Through  the  M.V.Act  cases bookings,  present  address  of  vehicle  holders  are  being  fed  into  the  computers  and  this  will be  very  useful in  case  of  sold  vehicles.    These  are  very  useful  in  other  cases  also.   

Ø       During  online  checking,   Stolen  Vehicles,   Wrong Addressees,  Wanted  Vehicles,  etc.  can  be  identified  easily.    

Ø       The On-Line checking creates much  Traffic Awareness  among  the  public. 

Ø       In  case  of  Repeated  Violators,   this  is  very  useful  to  register  cases  under  section  20(1) M.V.Act  for  Cancellation  / Suspension  of   Driving License.    

Ø       In  case  of  Suspected  Vehicles,     the  doubts  will be  cleared  on  the  spot  through   wireless  within  few  seconds.    This  saves  man power,  fuel, etc.  and  avoids  unnecessary  annoyance  to  the  public.  

Ø       Engine  Number  / Chassis Number  checking  helps   to  identify   the  original  owner  of  an  abandoned  vehicle  or   vehicle  with  bogus  number  plate.   

Ø       Some violators  will  give  wrong address  during M.V. Act cases booking.   If summon / warning  returned as  un  served. Then,  the  offender  will  get  Enhanced  punishment  while  booking  for  next  time.    

Ø       The  repeated  violators  could  not   hide  themselves   from   this  system.  

Duties  of  Traffic  Police  Station 

            Road  Traffic  Accident  Cases  under  sections  279, 337, 338  &  304(A) IPC,  other  offences  under  Motor Vehicles  Act  and   cases  under  the  Puducherry  Police  Act  are  being  Registered, investigated  and  submitted  in  the  Court  by  this  Unit.   Special  Traffic  Arrangements  also  being  made during  Festival  seasons Republic  Day  celebrations,  Independence  Day  celebrations,  New  Year  Celebrations  and at the time of  visit  of  V.V.I.P.s  &  V.I.P.s     Further,  the   Traffic  Police  carrying  out  traffic  control  at  important  junctions  on  every  day.    Simultaneously,  the  traffic  police  serving  Summons  and  executing  Warrants  being  issued  by  the  Court  in  connection  with  traffic  offences.   It  is  also  the  duty  of  traffic  police  to  enforce  the  rules  and  regulations  being  implemented  by  the  Central / State  Government from  time  to  time .   The  traffic  police  ensures    free  flow  of  vehicular  traffic  in  the  streets  of  Puducherry  Town  with  the  help  of  related  departments like  PWD,  Electricity,  Transport  Department,  Municipality,  etc.  

  • Special Traffic Diversion arrangements were made successfully during  the festivals  of  New Year Eve,  Pongal, Independence day  &  Republic  Day  Celebrations.


  • Special drives are regularly  conducted at various places to check emission of  excessive  smoke  from  the  Petrol / Diesel  vehicles.


  • Special drives  were  conducted  at  Beach Road and at  various  places     with  Speed  Radar Gun  to  check  the  speed of  vehicles.


  • Special drives  were  conducted  at  Beach Road, Anna Salai  and  various  Places  against drunken driving  and   booked  cases  against  the  drivers  drove  vehicles  under  the  influence  of  alcohol.


  • In  order  to  control  Noise Pollution  in  Puducherry  Region,  Special Drives were also conducted to  regulate  the  usage  of  AIR HORN  in  Puducherry Town Limit.   


  • An  effective  Wireless Online Vehicles Checking  system  is  being  followed.


  • PA  Systems  were  procured  through the  Police Chief Stores  and  fixed  in  the  motor cycles and mobiles  used  for the  purpose of  Traffic Patrolling  for  the  effective  enforcement  of  Traffic Rules  and  Regulations  in  the  Police Station  limit.

Road  Safety  Week  Celebrations 

            Every  year,  during the second week of January,  the  Puducherry  Traffic  Police  and  Transport  Department  collectively  celebrating  the  “Road  Safety  Week”  as  per  the  direction  of  Ministry  of  Road  Transport  and  Highways, New Delhi. During  this  road  safety  week  celebration,  the following  measures  are  being  taken:-   

Ø       Creating  Traffic  awareness  through  mike  propaganda  in  all  important  junctions  and  streets.


Ø       Creating  Traffic  Awareness  among  public  through   screening  of  films  on  Traffic  Awareness  at  various  public  places.


Ø       Distribution  of  Traffic  Awareness  axioms  contained  hand  bills  to  public  through  school  children  at  various  public  places.


Ø       Creating  Traffic  Awareness  among  students  by  conducting  essay  competitions  relating  to  Road  Safety.


Ø       Organizing  Special  Traffic  drives at  various  places  by  the  officials  of  Transport  Department  and  Traffic  Police.


Ø       Cleaning and painting of Road Traffic Junctions.


Ø       Organizing Rally by  School Children on Traffic awareness.   


            The  aim  of  Traffic  Education  Cell   is  creating  Traffic  Awareness  among  the  road  users.

Children Traffic Corps : 

Each  and  every  year,  the  Puducherry  Traffic  Police  imparts  training  to  150 students of  11 various schools  of   Puducherry  Region  about  Traffic  Rules  & Regulations  like  Parking,  No Parking,  Use of  Speed Breakers and Traffic Signs,  provisions of  M.V. Act. The  functions  of  Traffic Police Station  under “Children Traffic Corps” scheme  for  creating  Traffic Awareness among  young  generation  and  in  Road  Safety  measures.    They were also trained about saluting,  marching in threes  and  allowed  to  participate  in  the  Independence Day & Republic Day Parades.   At  the  end  of the  training,  6  students  were  selected  as  Best CTC Students  through  a  written  test.    The selected  Best  CTC  students  are being honored  in  the  Republic Day Parade  by  His Excellency the Lt. Governor  of  Puducherry. 

Other  duties : 

  • Special Traffic Control  training is  being  given  to  senior  NCC  Cadets. The  services  of  these  cadets  being  utilized  during the  festival  time.   Traffic awareness classes are  being  conducted by  the Officers  of  Traffic PS  at  various  Schools  and  NCC camps.   Traffic  awareness  films  are  also  screened   to   them.

  • Traffic Awareness Films  are  being  screened  at  various  public  places

  • Creating  traffic awareness  among  public.





The  functions  of   Traffic  Engineering  Cell   are   enumerated  below :


  • Engineering  Cell  looks  after the  maintenance  works  of  the traffic sign boards and  markings  on  roads.   One  Crane  is  also attached  with the Engineering  Cell.   The Crane  is  used  to  lift  the  vehicles parked  on the  No Parking Area,  Vehicles  Parked  on  the  road  obstructing  free  flow of  traffic and  vehicles  got  damaged  in  accidents.

  • Erecting  Traffic Sign  Boards  at  various  places  and  replacing   the  damaged boards. 


  • Painting parking line, zebra crossing line, stop line, etc. on important junctions periodically.


  • The  Engineering  cell  also  assigned  with the  job  of  maintaining  the  Solar  Traffic  Booths  set-up  at 

a)                 Pattanikadai  Junction

b)                 Indira Square

c)                  Nellithope  Junction

d)                 Cycle  Chain Factory  Junction

e)                 Odian Salai  Junction


            The  Engineering  Cell  cleans  the  Solar Traffic  Booths  and  also  checks              all  electrical  connections,  etc.,


  • The  Engineering  Cell  is  also  doing  the  duty of   maintaining  the  Electrical  Automatic Signals  located  at 

a)     Pattanikadai Junction, 

b)     Cycle Chain Factory Junction

c)      Nellithope  Junction

d)     Ajantha  Junction

e)     Odiansalai  Junction

f)        Marapalam  Junction

g)     Muthialpet  Clock  Tower

                        h)  Thavalakuppam  


            The  Engineering  Cell  is   having  the  following  equipments  to  assist    in  the effective  enforcement  of   Traffic  Rules  and  Regulations. 

a)         Auto  Exhaust  Analyzer  For  Petrol Vehicle   -   1  No.


            This  Equipment  used for  Over Smoking  Petrol  Vehicle  to  measure  the limit  of  CO (Carbon 



b)        Smoke  Meter   :  Model  -  NPM  SM    111B   With  Printer


            This  Equipment  used  for   Over  Smoking  Diesel  Vehicle  to  measure  the  limit  of  CO-HC 

            (Hydro  Carbon  & Carbon  Monoxide) 


c)         Speed  Radar  (Deactur  Radar)


            This  Equipment  used  for  Over  Speed  vehicle  checkup. 


d)        Automatic  Electronic  Generator  with  12  Volt. Battens.


            This  Equipment  used  for  AC-230  Volt  50 HZ  power  supply  to  use  on  Mobile  Vehicle. 


e)         Alco  Meter  BAEF  94


            This  Equipment  used  to  check  the  Drunken  Driver  at  various  routes.    


f)          Intel  Projector


            This  Equipment  used   to   enlarge  the  video  on  the  screen.           


g)        16 MM   Projector


            This  Equipment  used  to  screen   Traffic  Awareness  Film   to  the  Public  and  School  Children.


h)        Panasonic  Video Camera


            This  equipment  used  to  record  the  Traffic  Programmes  and  those  who  violating  the  traffic 

            rules  and  regulations and also the Scene of crime for record purposes . 


i)          Honda  Portable  Generator  EBK 200 AC


            This Equipment  used  at  Police  Station  during  power  failure and on

            spot checking with modern equipments.

Participation in Tableau Competition 

            As  per  the  direction / wishes  of   Senior  Officers,   the  Tableau  of  Puducherry  Police  was  exhibited in the  competition  during  the  Republic  Day  celebration, under  the  direct  supervision  of   the  Supdt. of  Police (Traffic),  Puducherry.  We  have  achieved  by  getting  the  CHIEF  MINISTER’S  ROLLING  TROPHY  AND  BEST  TABLEAU  AWARD   for  the   past  Six   years continuously.  

Public Co-operation Committee Meeting

             To  redress  the  grievances  of  public,  Traffic  Police  &  Public  Co-operation  Committee  Meeting  is  being  organized  once  in   a  month  by  the  Puducherry  Traffic  Police  regularly.    High  officials  from  PWD,  Transport Department,  Municipalities,  LAD,  Electricity,  BSNL  will  also  participating  in  this  meeting  and  redressing  public  grievances.    

Traffic Wardens

            Effective  Road  traffic  control  needs  public  co-operation.    Traffic  Wardens  are  enlisted  to  help  and  co-operate with  Police  Officials  in traffic  regulations  and  enforcement.   Their  duties  would  include  assisting  the  police  in  conducting  traffic  education  programmes  among  pedestrians,  school  children,   drivers,  etc. from  time  to  time.    At  present,  about  15  Traffic  Wardens  are  working  in  the  Puducherry  Traffic  Police. 

            SSP (L&O)  shall  appoint  Traffic  Wardens  on  the  recommendation  of  the  SP (Traffic).   Before  appointment  of  a  Traffic  Warden  is  made,   their  character  and  antecedents  shall  be  verified  by  SP (Special  Branch).   While  appointing  Traffic  Wardens,  care  should  be  exercised  to  enroll  respectable  citizens  of  good  reputation  only. 

            The  Traffic  Wardens  would  be  appointed  for  a  period  of  one  year  only.   The  renewal  of  the  same  would  be  the  absolute  discretion  of  SSP (L&O).    Renewal  would  be  made  keeping  in mind  the  performance  of  an individual  and  his  being of  further  utility to  the   organization.

            The  Traffic  Wardens  will  not  exercise  any  statutory  powers  but  would  only assist  the  traffic  police  in  enforcement of  traffic  rules  and  regulations.   Any  traffic  violation  noticed   by  a  Traffic  Warden  shall  be  noted  and  passed  on  to  SP (Traffic) /Inspector   for  necessary  action.   

Road  Protection 

            Vehicles  are increasing proportionately to increasing  population.  Since proper road facilities are not available  for impressing traffic, congestion occurs and accidents  are also occurs at an increasing rate.  

            Drivers incompetence is another important factor contributing to road accidents.  Drivers are ignorant about the design of the vehicle, traffic rules, fuel saving and other details.  Drivers should feel that it is an art to drive carefully.  This includes, cars, lorries,  Buses and other vehicles.  To be  THE BEST DRIVER it is not just experience and technical knowledge that counts but also knowledge of using the road, responsibility over public safety,  concentration, patience and self-confidence. 

Traffic  Awareness

            To  increase  Traffic  Awareness  among  the  public  and  ensure  the  free  flow  of  vehicular  traffic,  the following measures are being under taken by the Puducherry Traffic Police : 

1.         All mobiles and Motor Cycles  of this Police station were fitted with P.A System. Traffic Awareness instruction and direction are being flashed thro this equipments on the spot to the public.  

2.         P.A System were installed at 5 important Junctions of Puducherry, through which the Traffic awareness jingles  mixed with attractive cine songs are being broad-cast. 

3.         The mike fitted with these above P.A System are being used to  give information to the road user at the spot by the duty personnel. 

4.         Traffic  awareness film is being shown to school, Collages students during awareness class and to other road users whenever possible. 

5.         Traffic awareness literatures were printed and circulated to the  road users.  

6.         Press release were given during festival seasons and other circumstances thro Mass media to educate the general public. 

7.         Traffic awareness classes are being conducted to Govt. / Private school and also to all segments of drivers



Pollution  Free  Solar    Green  Traffic  Booths

            For  the  welfare of  Traffic  Police  Personnel,   “Pollution  Free  Solar    Green  Traffic  Booths”  were  procured  and  installed  at  the important  polluted  junctions  of  Puducherry  through  the  sponsorship  of   some  service  minded  peoples.  While providing for the comfort of the policemen, technology aids have been made available to him to control the traffic.  

            The  Pollution  Free  Solar  Green  Traffic  Booths  operates thro solar power were  provided  in  the  following  junctions : 

ü        Pattanikadai Junction

ü        Nellithope Junction

ü        Indira square Junction 

ü        Cycle Chain Factory  Junction

ü        Anna  Square,  Odiansalai Junction. 

            (A) The booth has an ionizer and air purifier which renders the air inside the booth pollution-free.   A fan has been provided for effective circulation of the air inside the booth. 

            (B) The duty Police Constable has a comfortable chair to sit on and the manual switch control of the traffic signals have been installed inside the booth.   During the heavy rush hours when automatic timing of the signals is not able to clear the traffic,  the duty Police Constable has no longer to stand in the middle of the road in uncomfortable conditions breathing in the deadly fumes of vehicular emissions.   He can observe traffic clearance on all sides from within the booth and accordingly change signals by using the switch provided to him.   

            (C) A   PA  system with a cordless mike is also provided and the policeman can give instruction for traffic control from  the booth as well as while moving on the road.

            (D) The booth comes with a walkie-talkie set which can be charged inside the booth itself.   This can be used by the policemen to convey information about traffic jams,  accidents,  etc.  as well as details of erring vehicles to officers and other traffic duty points and movement of VIPs. 

            (E) The booth has a siren which can be operated to stop traffic on all sides for VIP movements.    A first aid box is also provided inside the booth.   The booth is made of special material which is fire-resistant.   The windows are covered with shatter-proof glass.   

            (F) This booths derives all its energy requirements from the sun through its solar panels and it therefore an excellence technology demonstrator for non-conventional sources of energy.   In the new century man has to increasingly move towards more and more reliance on non-conventional sources  and the Police Department is proud  to have taken an early step in this direction. 

            (G) The Intention of the traffic Unit is to see that modernization and use of new technologies directly reach the traffic policeman actively working on the roads because it is here that these can be of maximum use to the community by ensuring better traffic management.   In this context we wish to remind you that it was in pursuance of the same Traffic–Constable–Centered-Approach that recently head constables and constables were enabled to book traffic offences directly and this has led to a feeling of great empowerment among the traffic constabulary.  

Medical Check-up : 

            Periodical Medical  Checkup  was  conducted  for  the Traffic  Police  Personnel  at  free  of  Cost  at  the  General  Hospital,  Puducherry


             In  view  of  security  to  the  traffic police  personnel  during  the  night  hours,   Micro Prism  Reflective  Jackets,   Batons,  etc.  were  procured  and issued  to  Traffic Police  Personnel.  This  Baton is  useful  during  night  hours.  In  the  automatic signal  areas  even  when the  red  light signal  started  glowing,  vehicles  are  passing,  violating  the  signal  due to  heavy  rush.  At  that  time,  if   this  Baton  (Personal Safety  led  torch)  is  used  they  could  be  stopped  immediately.    Micro Prism  Reflective  Jacket  with  lime  green  were supplied  to  Traffic personnel and  same  can be  used  by  them  during  night  hours.   During  night  hours  the  presence of  the Traffic Police Personnel  on  Automatic signal area  could   not  be  visible  and  if  they  wear  reflective  jacket  they  are  visible  to the road users.

Traffic Automatic Signals 

            The  Puducherry  Traffic  Police    introduced   scientific  technologies  in  Road  Traffic  Control  by  installing    Automatic  Traffic  Signals  at  the  important  junctions  of  Puducherry.     The  Automatic  Traffic  Signals  were installed  and  functioning  properly  at  the  following  junctions,    

1.                  Marapalam  Junction

2.                  Pattanikadai  Junction

3.                  Odian Salai  Junction

4.                  Nellithope  Junction

5.                  Ajantha  Junction

6.                  Cycle  Chain  Factory  Junction

7.                  Muthialpet  Clock  Tower  Junction

8.                  Indira  Gandhi  Square 

9.                  Balaji  Petrol  Bunk  Junction

10.             Jeeva  Colony  Junction

11.             Kokkupark  Junction

12.             Thavalakuppam Junction. 

            Out  of  these  Automatic  Signals,   the   signal  installed  at  the  junction of   Indira  Gandhi  Square  is   an  advanced  type  of   Automatic  signal,   which  is  an  Arch  Type  Automatic  Signal  installed  with  Hoardings. 

            The  Puducherry  Traffic  Police  also  installed  at 46  Automatic  Flasher  Lights  at   the  un-manned   junctions  of   Puducherry    as  a   caution  to  the  road  users.     


            A  total  number  of  20  Count  Down  Timers  were installed  through  M/s. Bharath  Electronics  Limited,  (A  Govt. of  India  Enterprises,  Ministry  of  Defense),  Bangalore  in  the   existing  Automatic  Traffic  Signals  at  the  Following  important  junctions  of  Puducherry.

            1)         Pattanikadai  Junction

            2)         Indira  Gandhi Square

            3)         Rajiv Gandhi Square

            4)         Ajantha Square

            5)         Odiansalai  Junction

            6)         Marapalam Junction

            7)         Subbiah Square

            8)         Kokkupark Junction 

            It  is  ascertained  that  the  Count  Down Timers  are  very  useful  in  traffic  control  as  they  are  displaying  the  total  seconds  remains  for  the  road  users  to  move  their  vehicles  beyond  the  stop  lines.   They  reduces  the   mental  agony  of  the  road  users  waiting  for  traffic  signal  and  helps  them  to  relax  during  these  seconds.    Apart  from  this,  the  Count  Down  Timers  controls  Pollution  level  at  busy  traffic  junctions  and  saves  fuel  of  vehicles  waiting  for  traffic  signal.   General  public  and road  users  are whole heartedly  welcomes  this  installations.  


            In  the  Puducherry  Region  itself,  there  has  been  many   times  increase  in  the  volume of  traffic  over  the  past  decade.       Besides we have a large number  of  buses,  trucks,  cars  and  other vehicles crossing / approaching  Puducherry from various  places of  Tamil Nadu and other neighboring states every day.     The  opening   of  East  Coast  Road  have  increased   the  motorized  vehicular  traffic  at  Puducherry  region.   Especially,  the  Kokkupark   junction  is   highly  congested  with  the  movement of  vehicles.    In  order  to  reduce  the traffic  congestion,  to  avert  road  traffic  accidents  and  to  ensure  free  flow  of  vehicular  traffic,   the  Puducherry Traffic  Police  has  installed  a   SOLAR  POWERED  AUTOMATIC TRAFFIC  SIGNAL WITH  DIGITAL TIMER AND  PEDESTRIAN CROSS  at  East Coast Road,  Kokkupark  junction  at  an  amount  of  Rs. 9.60 Lakhs.  

            This Traffic Signal  drives all its energy requirements from the solar through solar panels.   The Puducherry  Police Department is proud  to have taken  steps  in  the  direction  of  utilizing  non-conventional  sources  of  energy  for  public  safety.    The  Solar  Powered  Automatic  Traffic  Signals  having  the  following features :  

a)         All  are  LED  bulbs  with  10 years  life.

b)         Energy  Efficiency

c)         On the overflow  of  energy,  the  signal  will  automatically  switched  off             and after some

            time,  the signal  will  automatically  switched  on.


d)         Uninterrupted  Operation  during  power  cuts.

e)         Electrical  Safety  and  minimal  Energy  Costs.

f)          Operating  Voltage  12 V  to  28 V  D/C

g)         Automatic  switch on  at  07.00 hrs in  the  morning and  switch off  at  22.00 hrs in the night.


h)         Total  timing  for  one  round  of  signal  is  1.15 Minutes  and  will  adjust          automatically 

            during  peak hours  ie.,  07.30 hrs  to  10.00 hrs and 16.30             hrs  to  20.00 hrs.


i)          Non  hazardous  low  voltage  (24 V  DC)  operation.

j)          Pollution control and fuel saving  through the Count Down Timers.

h)         On comparing  with  a  conventional  Automatic  Traffic Signal,  the            installation      and 

           maintenance  of  Solar  Powered  Automatic  Traffic     Signal  is  economically and  operationally  




            The rate of increase in the number of vehicles on roads of Puducherry and of change to bigger vehicles is just phenomenal.  One, Puducherry is a relatively prosperous area and two;   it keeps attracting more and more daily shoppers and other visitors.    In  view  of  reducing   accident  rate in  Puducherry  region,  the  Puducherry  Police  has    installed  Solar  Powered  Automatic  Yellow  Blinker  Lamps  at  the  following  40  unmanned  heavy  traffic  junctions:-

1)                 Kamaraj Salai -  Subbiah Kalyana Mandapam Junction

2)                 Kamaraj Salai - Pakkamudaiyanpet Junction

3)                 Kamaraj Salai - Saram Bridge

4)                 Kamaraj Salai - 45 Feet Road Junction

5)                 Anna Salai,  45 Feet Road Junction

6)                 Beach Road,  Near  Park Guest House

7)                 Beach Road, Near Old Distillery

8)                 Subbiyah Salai, M.G Road Jn near Railway Station

9)                 Mudaliarpet – Dr. Ambedhkar Salai Junction

10)             Bussy Street – Petty Bazaar Junction

11)             Muthialpet – Ezhaimariamman Koil Junction

12)             Cuddalore Road – Murungapakkam Junction

13)             Villianur Road – Point Car Street Junction

14)             Moolakulam Junction

15)             Thakka Kuttai

16)             Arumparthapuram  Mariamman Koil Street Junction

17)             Sulthanpet  Road  Junction

18)             Bye-pass  Road  and  Perambai  Road  Junction

19)             Koodapakkam  Road  Junction

20)             Kannagi  School Junction

21)             Uruvaiyar & Kanuvapet  Road  Junction

22)             Taluk Office Junction

23)             Kadaitheru  Stopping

24)             Kundu Salai Junction

25)             Jaya Nagar Junction

26)             Kamban  Nagar Junction

27)             Jawahar Nagar Junction

28)             Nadesan Nagar Junction

29)             Gouber Salai & Court Junction

30)             Mission Street & Lal Bahadur Sastri Street Junction

31)             Mission Street & Sadar Vallai Patel Salai Junction

32)             E.C.R & Krishna Nagar Junction

33)             E.C.R & Airport road Junction

34)             E.C.R & Sithanda Koil Junction

35)             Cuddalore Road Mahathma Gandhi Hospital Junction

36)             Cuddalore Road Kannia Koil Junction

37)             Sonampalayam Junction

38)             Lenin Street & Thiruvalluvar Salai Junction

39)             Vallar Salai & Thendral Nagar Junciton

40)             Thiruvalluvar  Salai & Lenin Street Junction 

            The Solar Powered  Automatic  Traffic  Signals are having  Maintenance  free  LED  Lamps,   Energy  Efficiency,  Uninterrupted  Operation  during  power  cuts,   Electrical  Safety  and  Energy  Costs  will be  saved,   Functions with  Non-hazardous  low  voltage (24 V  DC). 



More than   3 ½ Lakhs motor vehicles  were  registered  in  Puducherry  Region so far.   Besides we have a large number  of  buses,  trucks,  cars  and  other vehicles frequenting  Puducherry from various  places of Tamil Nadu and other neighboring states every day.  The  Opening  of  East Coast Road  have  also  increased  the  motorized  vehicular  traffic at  Puducherry  region.    In   order   to   ensure  free  flow  of  vehicular  traffic  and  to  provide  immediate  medical  assistance  to  the  road  accident  victims  on   National  Highways  &  other  roads  of  Puducherry,   the  Ministry  of  Road  Transport  &  Highways,  Government  of  India  sponsored  an  amount  of  Rs.25 Lakhs  for  the  purchase  of   one  Heavy   Load  Hydraulic  Crane  and   one  Ambulance  to  the  Government  of  Puducherry.  

            In  connection  with  this,  one  Tempo Traveler Ambulance  and   one  10 Ton Capacity  Hydraulic  Crane  from  M/s. Escorts Construction  Equipments Ltd.,  Faridabad  were  purchased  and  issued  to the  Puducherry  Traffic  Police.   Any  one  on  witnessing  ROAD  ACCIDENTS  or   relatives  of   the  victims  of   road  accidents  can  contact  the  Traffic  Police  over  the  telephone  numbers  2336087,  2224144,  2336701  for  providing  immediate  medical  assistance  to  the  victims  of  road  accidents   and  for  removing  the  vehicles involved  in  accidents / breakdown. 


In view of the increase in the traffic congestion, the Puducherry Traffic Police has taken up several initiatives including :  

Ø       In addition to the existing, One way system were introduced on experimental basis at Easwaran Koil Street, Muthumariamman Koil Street and Lawspet road( from Kokkupark to Pakkumudayanpet junction) 

Ø       The Beach road was pedestarnised during evening hours in all the days of a week 

Ø       Introduced both the side parking at Mahatma Gandhi Road which is appreciated by the road commuters.  

Ø       Parking slots were provided to the general public and assembly staffs  on the covered portion of the grand canal behind Assembly Secretariat on trial basis. 

Ø       A  biggest  hoarding in Puducherry on wearing of helmet was exhibited at Rajiv Square. 

Ø       Public-Addressing system was installed at the junctions of Pattanikadai, Odiansalai, Rajiv Gandhi square and New bus- Stand through which the road discipline instructions are being announced  with charming cine song bits through recorded audio cassette. The Police Personnel on duty are also instructing the General Public through the Mike, fitted with P.A system. 

Ø       The School timings were staggered with the co-operation of the Education Department in all schools, located in the  limits. 

Ø       Embussing the debussing of School students inside the School premises was introduced  at Petit Seminar and Immaculate Schools, Uppalam, Puducherry and thus reduced congestion at the main road. 

Ø       First-Aid Training was imparted to Auto-Drivers of Puducherry in three batches, in association with the Rotary Club of Puducherry, during which, a service profile Vallet for Auto- Drivers were also issued to such trained Drivers.  

Ø       Police Tableau, e  in the theme of “PEACEFULL PUDUCHERRY was exhibited during the Republic day Celebrations, 2008, which was selected as the best Tableau-2008 and  won the  CHIEF  MINISTER’S  ROLLING  TROPHY  AND  BEST  TABLEAU  AWARD   for  the     seventh year continuously.  

Ø       Upon our request, the entire MG road was widened by PWD and parking on both the sides were regulated. Also, the parking on the Kosakadai Street and JN street was streamlined by providing  Car Parking lots. 

Ø       Upon our effort, Dr. Ambetkar Salai at Uppalam and Ajantha bridge were widened by PWD, thereby proper parking were provided. 

Ø       Special drives against drunken driving, Over speeding , use of air horn, using Cell Phones while riding / Driving, over -smoke emission and other traffic violations were organised at important junctions of Puducherry periodically. 

Ø       Foot patrolling with the Municipal officials were organised at important thoroughfares during which, the encroachments on the road-side and the foot-paths were regulated. 

Ø       Many traffic awareness rallies were organised with the help of NCC cadets, NSS voluntaries and school students. 

Ø       Many thousands of handouts on Traffic awareness were prepared and distributed  to General public.