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         Traffic Police Station, south  was created and housed at Kirumampakkam Police Station Complex with a strength of 1 Inspector, 1 Sub-Inspector, 1 Asst. Sub-Inspector, 1 Head Constable and 8 Police Constables vide G.O. Ms No.70, Dt. 17.11.2011 of the Home Department, Govt. of Puducherry. No sanctioned strength was provided for this police station. The police station is no manned with officers and men posted on doing duty basis from the units and local police stations.  Consequent on the creation of the Traffic Police Station, south the traffic management in Puducherry region was regulated with jurisdiction as follows:-


Jurisdiction over the area coming under:


           (i)  Ariyankuppam Circle.

           (ii) Bahour Circle.

           (iii) Nettapakkam Police Station.


Work / Activities


          The Traffic unit handles road accident cases and also violations punishable under M.V Act 1988 and rules, Indian Penal Code, Police Act 1861 and Police (Puducherry Police) Amendment Act 1966. The sections of law dealt by the Traffic unit are as follows:-

          A.   Fatal accident case U/s 279, 304 A IPC

          B.    Grievous hurt case U/s 279, 338 IPC

          C.    Simple hurt case U/s 279, 337 IPC

          D.   Rash and negligence driving U/s 279 IPC

          E.    Traffic obstruction case U/s 283 IPC.

          F.    All offences under M.V Act, 1988

          G.   Traffic obstruction case U/s 34 B(i), (ii) & (iii) of Police (Pondicherry Amendment) Act 1966

          H.   Offence U/s 34 B third & fourth under Police Act, 1861.



            This Unit is concentrating in enforcing the section of law under Motor Vehicle Act.  Moreover the rules & regulations being implemented by the Central / State Government and the time to time orders of the Senior Officers will also be enforced by this unit regularly.  This unit is also providing Special traffic arrangement during Festivals times.  New Year celebration, visit of VVIPs & VIPs etc., and will carry out traffic control duty at important junctions on day-to-day basis.


Traffic Education

          This Unit is  organizing Traffic Awareness Campaigns in schools, colleges, factories, public places, accident prone areas, etc.  and will take maximum effort in educating the general public to have the apex level of Road Discipline to avert road accidents.  This unit will also arrange Traffic Awareness Film shows for creating traffic awareness among public.

 Enforcement of traffic regulation in the Traffic P.S. south. 

  • In order to ensure free flow of traffic, the vehicles which were found parked in such a way causing obstruction to traffic, were removed  and  the violators were challenged and vehicles are returned to concerned.

  • Special  drives have been conducted at various different places, against License less driving, vehicles plying  without insurance certificates and permits, drunken driving  and over speed etc.,

  • The vehicles which are detained u/s 207 M.V. Act for contravention of provision of MV. Act, after issuing police notice to the violators the vehicle are forwarded to the RTO, Puducherry for necessary action.  The RTO after adopting legal procedures and imposing fine, releases the vehicle to the concerned.