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                        With economic development and rapid urbanization, road hazards and traffic  accidents have been rising at an alarming rate.  The soldiers die on the battle field for  a noble cause but road victims die almost for ‘no cause’.  Growing population, relatively faster growth of motor vehicles and road traffic are increased manifold in the Puducherry region.  Simultaneously the crime rate also increasing rapidly.  In order to manage crime in Puducherry along with the road hazards and traffic accidents, His Excellency The Lieutenant – Governor, Puducherry has declared the rented building at No.4, Navasannathi street, Villianur as Traffic Police Station, Villianur vide G.O. Ms. No.8 dated 03.02.2005 and the Traffic Police Station, Villianur has the jurisdiction of the entire Rural Police Sub-Division and the limits of Circle Villianur of West Police Sub-Division, with a sanction strength of One Inspector, 2 Sub-Inspectors, 4 Head Constables,23 Police Constables. 

                        Traffic Police Station, Villianur was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister and started functioning since 11.02.2005.  Presently this Traffic P.S is covering the jurisdiction of entire  Villianur circle  and Thirubhuvanai P.S limits only. 

AREA  = 8703 Hectares 


Population       :        1,07,694 (approximately) 







Sanctioned  Strength







                        In  Puducherry Region  at present the following number of vehicles other than cycle rickshaws and cycles are plying.  Besides, we have a large number of buses, trucks, cars and other vehicles approaching / crossing Puducherry from various places in Tamil Nadu and other  neighboring  states every day, as the Puducherry region is a very good tourism place and a commercial place.


Mobile Clinic Vehicle

Ednl. Instn.

Vans Ambulances, Fire Fighting Vehicles

Fork Lift, Hearses

Cranes, Dumper Compressor Rig, Excavator Invalid Carriage  



                        For better regulation of traffic and prevention of Road Traffic Accidents, a TRAFFIC CONTROL ROOM is functioning smoothly in the office of the Superintendent of Police (Traffic), Puducherry.  An officer who stops a vehicle on the road can get on-line information on wireless within few seconds from  the Traffic Control Room as to  whether the vehicle / driver has been booked or warned earlier for  Traffic Offences.   As per earlier record, appropriate action will be taken on the offender without delay.

Computerized Record of Vehicles

                        The Traffic Unit in liaison with the Transport Department  Authorities has started collecting particulars of registration of vehicles for feeding the same to the computers for record at Traffic Police Station for effective enforcement.  This computerized record of vehicles is used to trace the vehicles involved in accidents, other Traffic Offences, Stolen Vehicles and Abandoned Vehicles. 


  • Speedy Action ie., During the course of a road accident of any offence with vehicle, police will be waiting in the residence of the offender before the offender reaching his/her house.

  • Hit & Run cases can be traced easily

  • During online checking, Stolen Vehicles, Wrong Addresses, Wanted Vehicles etc., can be identified easily.

  • The On-Line checking creates much Traffic Awareness among the public.

  • In case of Suspected Vehicles, the doubts will be cleared on the spot through wireless within few seconds.  This saves man power, fuel etc., and avoids unnecessary annoyance to the public

  • Engine Number / Chassis Number checking helps to identify the original  owner of an abandoned vehicle.


v     Registration of Cases

Road Traffic Accident cases under sections 279,337,338 & 304(A) IPC, other offences under Motor Vehicles Act and cases under the Puducherry Police Act are being registered  and investigated by this Station. 

v     Enforcement

This Unit is concentrating in enforcing the section of law under Motor Vehicle Act.  Moreover the rules & regulations being implemented by the Central / State Government and the time to time orders of the Senior Officers will also be enforced by this unit regularly.  This unit is also providing Special traffic arrangement during Festivals times.  New Year celebration, visit of VVIPs & VIPs etc., and will carry out traffic control duty at important junctions on day-to-day basis.

v     Traffic Education

This Unit is  organizing Traffic Awareness Campaigns in schools, colleges, factories, public places, accident prone areas, etc.  and will take maximum effort in educating the general public to have the apex level of Road Discipline to avert road accidents.  This unit will also arrange Traffic Awareness Film shows for creating traffic awareness among public.

v     Road Engineering

Free flow of traffic will be ensured in the Jurisdiction of Traffic police station, Villianur with the help of related department like PWD, Electricity, Transport Department, Municipalities, etc.


 Traffic regulations in the  jurisdiction of Traffic P.S. Villianur

Traffic P.S. Villianur has the jurisdiction of  comprising  the Villianur P.S. Limit and Thirubhuvanai P.S. Limit.  Police Personnel of Traffic P.S. Villianur are posted in the following  important Traffic junctions to regulate traffic flow 

1. Railway gate junction – Arumparthapuram.

2. MGR Statue junction – Villianur

3. Pattanikadai junction – Villianur

4. Municipality junction - Villianur

5. Kottaimedu junction – Villianur

6. Bye-pass road / Koodapakkam road junction

7.Bye-pass road /  Kannagi School road junction.

8. Thiruvandarkoil  Kothapurinatham road junction.

9. Madagadipet junction. 

Further it is proposed to post the Police Constables to regulate traffic  in the below mentioned traffic points:- 

1.      Pathukannu Junction.

2.      Uruvaiyar junction.

3.      Karikalampakkam junction.

4.      Embalam junction.

Enforcement of traffic regulation in the Traffic P.S. Villianur. 

This Unit concentrates in enforcing the section of law under Motor Vehicle Act. And  the rules & regulations being implemented by the Central / State Government.  This unit will also provides Special traffic arrangement during Festivals times.  New Year celebration, visit of VVIPs & VIPs etc., and will carry out traffic control duty at important junctions on day-to-day basis.  

                         In order to ensure free flow of traffic, the vehicles which were found parked in such a way causing obstruction to traffic, were removed  and  the violators were challenged and vehicles are returned to concerned.

                         Special  drives have been conducted at various different places, against License less driving, vehicles plying  without insurance certificates and permits, drunken driving  and over speed etc.,

                        The vehicles which are detained u/s 207 M.V. Act for contravention of provision of MV. Act, after issuing police notice to the violators the vehicle are forwarded to the RTO, Puducherry for necessary action.  The RTO after adopting legal procedures and imposing fine, releases the vehicle to the concerned.

 Improvement works to be carried out  to ensure  free flow of traffic:

1. Widening of Railway gate at Arumarthpuram village:

            The Railway gate road width is very narrow and two heavy vehicles cannot simultaneously pass in this gate.  Hence, to avoid traffic congestion, the railway gate should be winded.

2.Providing of Bus Bay arrangements along with Bus stop Shelter:-

            In the following areas bus bay arrangements may be provided to ensure free flow of traffic.

        Thatthachavady Bus stop.

        Sulthanpet Bus stop.

        Ariyapalayam Village Bus stop.

        Vadamangalam Village Bus stop.

        Pangur Village Bus stop.

        Ariyur (Anandhapuram Junction Bus stop.

        Ariyur (Sugar mill main gate Bus stop.

        Thirubhuvanai Village stop.

3. Widening of NH road:-

            The National Highway road from Arumparthapuram Railway gate to Vadamangalam Village  may be widened for the free flow of traffic.

4. Provision of Traffic roundabout arrangements:

            To avoid accidents traffic roundabouts arrangements may be provided in the following places.

     *   At the junction of NH road – Perambai road junction (MGR statue junction).

     *   NH road and Koodapakkam road junction. 

5. Road Marking / Painting:

                        At all the bus stop areas and important road junction and school zone areas “Zebra crossings” shall be painted by using Thermoplast florescent  paint. Because of poor visibility accidents are occurring at speed breakers.