1. Employ a servant after verifying his real name, native address with the help of the nearest Police Station.

2. Never discuss financial matters in front of your servant

3. It is always safe to deposit your valuables in safe deposit vault of any Bank

4. Treat your servant in a humane way

5. Do not allow any of the relatives or friends of your servant to visit your house. If at all he has any frequent visitor, get his antecedents checked from police and try to keep the number of such persons. 

6. Make your neighbour know of you staying alone. Use of modern security gadgets is always advantageous. Door alarm, electronic eye bell etc. is available in market.

7. Install a peephole in your front door and always check the identification of strangers before you let them inside your home.

8. Never leave spare keys in open or in the conventional hiding places

9. Verify the identity of any repairmen. Use the telephone number listed in the phone book, not the one suggested by them

10.Inform your locality about the unacquainted visitors, so that their identity could be checked at the very gate of the locality

11.When you admit a workman or a salesman, do not leave him alone at any time