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AFIS (Automatic Finger Print Identification System)




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A special campaign “Operation Muskaan” was undertaken by officials of CID Crime Branch during the month of July, 2015 to rescue and rehabilitate the missing/abandoned children in Puducherry.


The particulars of all the untraced Missing Children of Puducherry U.T. since 2000 were collected by the officials of CB CID.  A special team under Inspector A. Kahidhaasam was formed to visit public places, to rescue missing/abandoned children and to rehabilitate them by handing over them to the Shelter Homes after producing them before the CWC, Puducherry.  Second team was formed under Inspector N. Selvam assisted by PSI N. Santhosh to visit all the Child Care Homes in Puducherry and Karaikal to screen the children in Shelter Homes, for missing children.


As a part of “Operation Muskaan”, the Officials of CID Crime Branch, Social Welfare Department, Child Welfare Committee and NGOs visited 67 Child Care Homes in Puducherry and Karaikal regions.  The orphans and rescued children were screened with missing children data. The particulars of Shelter Homes were collected.  It was found that 34 orphan children are staying in 15 different Shelter Homes in Puducherry and Karaikal regions.  Neither they know their parents nor their place of origination. Their identity could not be established. 


During “Operation Muskaan” total 14 Children were rescued from Streets, Railway Station, Temples, Beach, Park, etc.  They were produced before the Child Welfare Committee and were handed over to Sandosha Nanban, the Child Care Home as ordered by CWC.  Out of the 14 rescued children, the parents of 13 children were traced and they were reunited with their parents through CWC, Puducherry.


The particulars and photographs of 34 orphan children, suspected to be the missing children, were collected and the same have been uploaded in the Track Child Web Portal of Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India and also on the website of Puducherry Police.  The Staff of CB CID were also dispatched to the probable localities of such orphan children to trace their parents, but the efforts did not yield desired result.  The list of such children has been sent to the Chairperson, CWC Puducherry to conduct field verification of the available data of such orphans.  The effort to trace their parents and place of origination is underway.


           During the visits to Shelter Homes, it was found that 24 Child Care Institutions (19 in Puducherry and 5 in Karaikal) are functioning without valid license from the Competent Authority.  Hence, a letter enclosing the list of such Homes has been sent to the Director, Department of Social Welfare, Puducherry for taking appropriate action in the matter.


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i)    Special Training  Programme on Sensitization towards Ethical and Moral Values:

   Two days training programme was organized by Shri Nithin Bhatnagar, colonel (Retd) of Indore to 170 Police Personnel (70 Police officers from the rank of SI to SP and 100 Police personnel from the rank of PC to ASI) in Police Training School, Puducherry on 06.07.2015 and 07.07.2015. Shri Nithin Bhatnagar, Colonel (Retd) taught how to develop good communication skill, behaviour attitude and responsibility towards the general public.


ii)  One day Special Course on Registration Process / Documentation:

   One day training programme was organized by the officials of Revenue Department Puducherry on 31.01.2015 regarding registration process/ documentation and connected records about civil dispute cases.  The training programme was attended by 50 Police officers.


iii)   Two days Special Course on maintenance of Station Records: 

   Two days training programme was conducted by in-service police officers and retired Police officer on 26/27.06.2015 regarding how to maintain the Police station records / Out-Post records and importance of records.  The said training programme was attended by 75 police personnel.


iv)  One-Day Special Course regarding “Presentation of the Evidence in the Courts”:

   One day special training programme was organized by the Assistant Public Prosecutor of Judicial Department of Puducherry on 25.07.2015 regarding presentation of evidence in the courts to get conviction. About 45 police officers (Inspectors/SIs) were attend the said training programme.


v)  Capsule Course to SIs and Induction Course to HCs:


i)     90 days Capsule courses were conducted to 29 newly promoted SIs from 20.11.2014 to 11.03.2015 and 9 newly promoted SI’s from 29.03.2015 to 30.06.2015.

ii)    45 days induction course conducted to 107 newly promoted HC’s from 24.06.2015.


The faculties were invited from Law College/Puducherry University/Retired Police Officers and in-service Police Officers and Senior Advocates.


vi)  Proposed Training Programmes during the year 2015:


a.    As per the NHRC guidelines one day training programme  about 100 participants from the rank of Pc’s to SP’s to promote the Human Rights literacy and awareness among various sections  of the society.

b.    Two-day special training course for in-service Police officers from the rank of PC’s to Inspectors about the Station Records and How to maintain it.

c.    Two-day Seminar on “Cyber Crimes” for Officers and Men of Puducherry Police.

d.    One-day Seminar on “Departmental Enquiry” to SPs and Inspectors.

e.    Two-day Special training course about investigation of the cases from the rank of HC’s to Inspectors.

f.    One year Basic Training to 100 Women Constables, to be recruited in Puducherry Police Department.

g.  3 months Basic Training about 425 Home Guards to be recruited.

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Traffic unit of Puducherry in addition to the Enforcement and investigation of Accident cases have also undertaken traffic awareness activities such as lectures, rallies and meetings, etc. Total 17 traffic awareness lectures, four helmet rallies, one Road Safety Week and one Traffic Awareness Workshop for teachers was organized during the year 2015.


The Road Safety Week was celebrated during the month of January 2015 in co-ordination with the Transport Department, Puducherry. During the week various programmes such as Ear and Eye Camp for Drivers, quiz competition for children. Walkathon with the Slogan “Safety is not Just a Slogan, it is a way of life” was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Puducherry.


The Traffic Awareness Workshop for the Physical Education Teachers was conducted on 26th, 29th and 30th of January 2015 and 1st of July 2015 at the Education Department for four days, in which about 250 Physical Education Teachers of various schools participated.


On 03.07.2015 a Traffic Awareness Programme was held at Beach Road which was presided over by Inspector General of Police. During the Programme a Helmet Rally consisting of about 500 volunteers including about 75 ladies, participated in the Rally which was flagged off by Sri. Praveer Ranjan, IPS the Inspector General of Police. He also released Traffic Awareness Video CD’s and inaugurated Electronic Digital Boards Displaying Road Safety Messages.


     The Traffic Police have plan in future to start a project by name ”Puducherry Safe Roads” in which the traffic violators will be automatically photographed through CCTV Camera and the same will be transmitted to the Traffic Control Room, where Police will prepare charge sheet with the photo and despatch the same to violator immediately. The traffic violations such as over speeding, speaking on Cell phone while driving, Triple riding and Improper Parking will be booked. On pilot basis two roads will be selected and project will be implemented through sponsors. Subsequently the same will be taken up throughout the Puducherry City under SMART CITY @ SAFE CITY project.  In the same project all the Automatic Signals will also be covered for Red Light Jumping and Lane Violations.


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In order to ensure transparency in recruitment process, the recruitment to the posts of Home Guards, PCs and Sis have been done using modern electronic gadgets such as Bio-metric access, e-Recruitment software to scrutinize all the applications, Digital Height / Weight machine, Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID)  and for written examination, bar-coding  system with OMR / OCR sheet is being used. The use of technology in recruitment has eliminated any scope for manipulations and has earned credibility for Puducherry Police for transparency in recruitment process.


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“M-governance for Police” - Page for Puducherry Police for posting news and search updates is available and citizens are able to browse it for information and are able to upload information / suggestion / comments, etc. They can also upload pictures of illegal activities and traffic violations noticed. This has improved the response time of the Police.

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The Puducherry Police website “police.py.gov.in” provides detail information about Puducherry Police profile covering latest news and useful links in an user friendly direct lead. The website contains profiles of all Police Stations, Units, geographical locations, police maps, crime details, GOs, Notifications, Missing Persons, Unidentified dead bodies, stolen and recovered vehicles, crime prevention tips, photo gallery, etc. It also has a link to invite suggestions and complaints from citizens.


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“M-governance for Police” - Group for Puducherry Police for posting news and speedy response is used by Puducherry Police officials.  The information reaches all the police personnel in the group, in the quickest time for speedy response. There is a future plan to integrate it with the modern Police Control Room after due customization of the servers at PCR after which it will facilitate public to share any information on web based whatsapp.


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Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) aims at creating a comprehensive and integrated system for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of policing through adoption of principles of e-Governance and creation of nationwide networking infrastructure for evolution of IT enabled state- of-the-art tracking system around ‘investigation of crime and detection of criminals’. It aims to create infrastructure and mechanism to provide the basis for evolution of an IT enabled state-of-the-art workflow (Processes) automation system in a planned manner from Police Station level upwards and also provide public service delivery systems. It will not only automate police functions at Police station and higher levels but will also create facilities and mechanism to provide public services like registration of online complaints, ascertaining the status of case registered at the police station, verification of persons etc.


The major components of CCTNS project are Site preparation, Hardware Delivery & Commissioning, Network & connectivity and Data digitization. The Site preparation (i.e. Electrification/LAN cabling , Furniture etc.) and Hardware Delivery & Commissioning (332 Computers, Printers, UPS etc.) in all 91 identified CCTNS location (48 Police station and 43 Higher offices) has been completed. The Network &Connectivity (PS/HO connectivity to State Data Centre) part has also been completed. BSNL has provided connectivity to 55 locations and DIT (through SWAN) has provided connectivity to 36 locations. The Data Digitization target of 60,000 historic case record dockets has also been completed. The digitized case records for the UT of Puducherry have been verified, corrected and migrated to the server available at State Data Centre, Puducherry. With regards to equipping the police personnel on usage of CCTNS application, training has been provided to 1075 out of a total target of 1110. The CCTNS application has been installed in all locations and online entries have started. As on date the entries have crossed 2141 nos. The Central Government has so far released an amount of Rs. 7.76 Crs out of the projected amount of 9.93 crores for CCTNS project in Puducherry. The Citizen Portal which is the Citizen Service interface of the project is currently being tested in a closed user environment and will be launched shortly for the public. Some of the benefits of CCTNS project for the citizens include:


A.   Online Filing of complaints/ information

B.    Online status update of complaint or case registered at Police Station

C.    Obtaining the copies of FIRs, post-mortem reports and other permissible documents etc.

D.   Details of arrested persons/ wanted criminals

E.    Details of missing/ kidnapped persons and their matching with arrested/ unidentified persons and dead bodies

F.    Details of stolen/ recovered vehicles, and properties.

G.   Submission of requests for issue/ renewal of various NOCs, clearances and permits and status of such requests online.

H.   Verification requests for servants, employment, passport, senior citizen registrations etc.

I.    Portal for sharing information and enabling citizens to download required forms/certificates etc.


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A modern integrated Police Control Room has been set up on the 1st floor of Police Radio Branch building at PAP Complex, Gorimedu and has been functioning in the new place since 08.10.2014. Integrated with


 1. Dial 100 with ISDN PRI Line customized automatic recording

2. Vehicle Tracking System (GSM based) for PCR vehicles with Puducherry Map

3. Wireless CCTV Network covering Puducherry UT (Phase-I)


The PCR has been fully furnished and Air-Conditioned. 6 Computers and 2 LCD Televisions are installed for monitoring the CCTV cameras.  3 computers dedicated to Dial 100 attendant, 2 for Wireless attendant, 1 for Supervisory Officer and 6 GPS chips are installed in PCR Mobile vans for Vehicle Tracking System.  Two 10 KV UPS are installed in the PCR for power backup. An  Automated Diesel Generator (20 KV) is also installed for uninterrupted power supply. The Modern PCR project is being executed through the HARMAN International India Private Limited, Bengaluru.  The latest equipments, i.e., CCTV, Vehicle Tracking System (GPS) and “Dial 100” project have been established in the Modern Control Room and will be handed over to Police Department by 15.08.2015.


Out of the total 103 cameras, presently 99 cameras have been installed in Puducherry. At present 31 cameras are in working condition remaining will shortly be put on view mode shortly.  The PRI line was connected with Dial “100” project and six instruments are connected with PRI connection, presently Dial “100” is functional. The GPS System (Chip) has been mounted on two PCR mobile vans and other Police vehicles. BSNL network will be utilized and periodical data on the vehicle movement (direction, speed, stoppage, etc.,) would be retrieved and monitored.  Wireless CCTV footage shall be monitored on line utilizing PSWAN network terminated at PCR under PSWAN - cum - CCTNS Project of GOI. In this regard, a proposal has been sent to IT department through SP (HQ) for required Static IP (PSWAN) for modern PCR.


The above proposal was developed and designed by Bascarane, SI of Police during 2004 while he was working as SI Control Room.


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          The Puducherry Police have established a Rape Crisis Intervention Centre (RCIC) as a one step centre to deal with any rape case relating to women or child.


          To sensitise women, Puducherry Police held several programs for students in schools and colleges.  The sensitization programes at Sarvalaya School, Idhaya College, College of Nursing, East Coast Institute of Medical Sciences, Kanjimamunivar Arts & Science College, Bharathidasan Govt. College for Women received excellent response.


          Not only the students but even Police Officers were sensitized about women issues.  In a bid to educate police officers on legal procedures to deal with cases regarding crime against women and children, one day legal workshop was organised for Lady Police Officers and were sensitized them to register FIR showing due sensitivity whenever, a lady victim comes to Police Station.


           Puducherry Police shared the stage in panel discussion on Women’s Day at Hotel Surguru on 8th March 2015 to give message and sensitise the general public about women safety.


          The milestone of the project women’s safety was a self defence training module for girls conducted at Susilabai College which was a grand success as it was demonstrated in front of 1,200 students (from class 6th to class 12th).  In view of the increasing reports of violence and abuse against children and women, the self defence module was conducted, to defend themselves.  The self-defence module, gave courage and confidence to the girls. The simple ideas were shown for the protection.  S.P. Rachna Singh led the training with her team to give tips and gave demonstrations to the students.  They were given simple ideas like use of heir pin, attack on sensitive parts like eye brows, eyes, Adam’s apple, private part, etc.


         This would daze the assailant, giving them time to escape.  Simple Martial Art steps were also told which could be easily used by the girls to protect themselves.  On this occasion volunteers from NGO’s and Psychiatrists also addressed the students, listened to them, and also offered their support if the girls needed support on issue inside or outside their homes.  A list of important helpline numbers were also told to the students and the school management were requested to put all these numbers on their Notice Boards, so that more and more students could be made aware about these numbers.  This self-defence programe was highly appreciated by the students, public and the media. 


           On 04.08.2015 another self-defence and a programe against sexual harassment at work places was conducted at Athithi Hotel, where several self defence techniques, safety measures which could be adopted were told.  Also the sexual harassment at work place was defined and initiatives for their safety were briefed.


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      The Police Department has taken initiative and started separate Computer Section for computerising the Service Records of all the police personnel in the first phase. In the second phase all the administrative records will be computerized.


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AFIS (Automatic Finger Print Identification System):


      The Police Department has started modernising its Finger Print Bureau by purchasing Office System for an amount of Rupees Sixty Eight Lakhs from Secure Mantra Technologies with seven Live Scanners installed at Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam in September 2014.  The Seven Live Scanners were distributed to SDPO Offices at North, South and Rural in Puducherry and at SDPO Offices at Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam.  These Scanners are connected through Internet to Finger Print Bureau, Puducherry. The System is fully operational and nearly 24,976 Ten Print Slips were digitized and digitized data has been created.     In the Second phase, it is proposed to have Live Scanners at all the Police Stations of Union Territory of Puducherry and also to have data links with Finger Print Bureaus of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.


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i) Funding: Government of India released an amount of Rs. 3.24 Crores for setting the Regional Forensic Science Laboratory and Rs. 41 Lakhs for District Mobile Forensic Unit aggregating to Rs. 3.65 Crores and the same is being utilized since October 2012.


ii) Control: Forensic Science Laboratory is under the control of Home Department, Govt. of Puducherry.


iii) Forensic Development Board: As per the guidelines of the MHA, New Delhi, the Forensic Science Development Board was constituted in August 2012 with the following composition:

     Chief Secretary                       -        Chairman

     Finance Secretary                    -        Member

     Joint Secretary (Home)            -        Member Coordinator

     Director General of Police         -        Member

     OSD / Director, FSL                -        Member Secretary

iv) Creation of Posts:
The MHA has approved for the engagement of professional man power on contract basis.

Scientific and Technical Staff for RFSL, Puducherry


Name of the Post

No. of Posts

Posts filled

Scientific and Technical Staff


OSD / Director

1 No

1 No


Senior Analyst (Senior Scientist) Divisional Head

4 No

1 No


Analyst Scientist

4 No

1 No


Technicians (Junior Analysts)

4 No

3 Nos.


Data Operator

4 No

1 No

Administrative Staff



Administrative Officer / SO

1 No

1 No


Office Executive

3 No

1 No


Data Operator

1 No

1 No




House keeping

As per need

2 Nos.



As per need




As per need




As per need


Scientific and Technical Staff for DFL-MU



Analyst (Scientist) / DFL-MU In-charge

1 No

1 No



2 No



Data Operator

1 No



Based on the above instructions of MHA, Govt. of India, posts were filled up on contract basis in the Forensic Science Laboratory, Puducherry.


For the creation of permanent establishment of FSL, Puducherry, the Government of India, MHA has been addressed in Home Department’s letter dated 12.02.2010 for creation of 25 Technical posts and 12 Administrative posts and this was followed up by the periodical reminders. MHA has referred the above to the Director of Forensic Sciences, New Delhi for clearance. The Directorate of Forensic Sciences in turn, has requested the Chief Secretary, Puducherry to depute the OSD/ Director, RFSL, Puducherry for threadbare discussion for creation of posts in setting up of Forensic Science Lab in Puducherry. The OSD/ Director, RFSL, Puducherry has been deputed to Delhi from 25.06.2014 to 27.06.2014.


v) Land and Accommodation: At present the Regional Forensic Science Laboratory is accommodated in the men barracks at Kirumampakkam Police Station Complex on temporary basis. On approach Indira Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute, Kathirkamam, Puducherry allotted ½ acre land in their college premises vide letter No. 212-I/IGMC&RI/Estt.II/2015/2339 dated 05.03.2015. Awaiting the order of the IGMC&RI, for handing over the site to the Forensic Science Laboratory


vi) Training: The staff underwent training in Biology and Serology Divisions at Forensic Sciences Department, Chennai for two weeks from 09/12/2013 to 20/12/2013 and also proposed for training in CFSL, Hyderabad in due course.

vii) Gazette Notification: The setting up of Forensic Science Laboratory under the control of Home Department has been notified on G.O Ms. No. 49 dated 01.10.2013 of Government of Puducherry. Officer on Special Duty / Director and Senior Analyst (Senior Scientist) of Forensic Science Laboratory have been appointed as Chemical Examiner and Assistant Chemical examiner, respectively for the purpose of section 293 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (Central Act 2 of 1974).


viii) Regional Forensic Science Laboratory: As per the G.O. Ms. No. 32 dated 15.04.2015 of Government of Puducherry, the Regional Forensic Science laboratory is undertaking the Chemical Analysis of Crime exhibits pertaining to the Biology and Serology Divisions under Sections 302, 376, 326, 304A, 307, 337, 395 and 396 IPC.


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 (i)   Merit Scholarship: The Society grants Merit Scholarships to the wards of the members, who secure more than 50% marks, at the rate of Rs.75/- per month.   A total no. of 70 merit scholarships are granted per year.   Further, the society grants Rs.150/- per month to the wards of the Police personnel, who undergo professional courses such as M.B.B.S., Engineering, CA/Law, MBA, etc.


a) Merit Scholarship:  (SSLC, +1, +2 and Degree level)

(a) Police Constable               : 35 Wards @ Rs.75/- per month

(b) Head Constable                : 20 Wards @ Rs.75/- per month

(c) ASI / SI / Inspr.             : 10 Wards @ Rs.75/- per month

(d) Superintendent of Police  : 5 Wards   @ Rs.75/- per month


b) Special Merit Scholarship: Special Merit Scholarship is granted to the wards of Police personnel doing professional courses, such as MBBS, Engineering, CA, Law, Architect etc.  At the rate of Rs.150/- per month.


(ii)    Cash Awards: Three awards are given annually to those wards of the Police personnel who secure highest percentage of marks at two levels, three at SSLC/Metric and another of Higher Secondary Level. 

SSLC/Matriculation                                     HSC

1st Prize       -Rs.2,000/-                     1st Prize       - Rs.3,000/-

2nd Prize      -Rs.1,500/-                     2nd Prize      - Rs.2,500/-

3rd Prize      -Rs.1,000/-                     3rd Prize      - Rs.2,000/-


(iii)   Non Pensioned Widow Grant: Widows of Police Personnel, who are not entitled to Pensioners benefits, are given Rs. 1,000/- per month.  Currently, three such widows are getting this benefit every month.   


(iv)   Spectacle Grants: The members are eligible for a grant of Rs.600/- as Spectacle Grant twice during their service.  


(v)    Funeral Expenses/Death Grants: An amount of Rs.15,000/- is given from the PPWS fund to the next of kin of the police personnel who died while in service.    In addition to the above, a sum of Rs.5,000/- will be given at the time of funeral of such Police Personnel as non-recoverable grant.


(vi)   Incentive For Family Planning Grant: A Grant of Rs.200/- is given to a member of the force who or whose wife has undergone family planning operation subject to the condition that he/she should not have more than two children.  This benefit is extended by the Society apart from the incentives being given by the government.  


(vii)   Grant of Loans: The members are granted loans for various purposes like self marriage, ward’s marriage, pilgrimage, ear boring ceremony, for purchasing School Books/Notebooks, puberty ceremony, defray of medical expenses, and house repairs from the PPWS fund at the rate of 5% interest.  The repayment of the above loans will be in ten equal monthly installments. 


(a)  The quantum of loan being given to the members from the Welfare Fund are as follows:

          1. Self Marriage                                           : Rs.20,000/-

          2. Marriage of wards                                    : Rs.20,000/-

          3. House repairing                                         : Rs.10,000/-

          4. Pilgrimage                                                 : Rs.  1,000/-

          5. Ear boring                                                : Rs.  2,500/-

          6. Sister/Brother’s Marriage                         : Rs.20,000/-

          7. Book Loans                                                : Rs.  2,000/-

          8. Medical Loan:

a) For ordinary diseases                           : Rs.10,000/-

b) For prolonged illness like Paralysis,
etc. necessitating Hospital admission    : Rs.25,000/-

c)  For diseases like by-pass Surgery,
kidney transplantation, cancer, head
injury, etc. requiring hospitalization
and specialty treatment                       : Rs.50,000/-          


(viii) Cermonial Send Off to the Retiring Personnel: Whenever any member of the force attains Superannuation and goes on retirement, a Send Off is given in appreciation of his long service and a lump sum grant of Rs. 15,000/- is given to him. 


(ix)  School Bus:   PPWS is running one School Bus for the conveyance of School going children of the Police Personnel. The rates per month collected for each student are as detailed below:


a) Police                 -                  Rs. 250/-                                          

b) Non Police         -                  Rs. 450/-     


(x) Community Hall:  A Police Community Hall was constructed at Gorimedu Police Complex and is functioning since 11.07.92.  This hall is given on 50% concession rates to the Police Personnel and Home Guards for marriage and other celebrations of the family.  The rental is as detailed below:

                                                          One day                 Half day

a)    Police Home Guard                Rs. 8000/-            Rs.4000/-

b)   Non-Police                            Rs. 13000/-          Rs.8000/-   

c)    Social Function                     Rs. 3500/-       -   (2 or 3hrs)


(xi) Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme:  This Scheme was started in March 1995 when the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Puducherry sanctioned a grant of Rs.20.00 lakhs to the Society in three installments.   The amount has been deposited in a bank and its annual interest is utilized to pay premium for the Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme which covers all ranks of Puducherry Police.  As per this Scheme, whoever, being the members of PPWS, dies in an accident while on duty or in service will be benefited.  The insured amount to the ranks from Constables to Inspector is Rupees 1 lakh and the amount insured to the ranks from SP to I.G.P. is Rupees 5 lakhs.

(xii) Puducherry Police Savings Linked Group Insurance Scheme: The General Body meeting of the PPWS held on 9.2.2006 discussed about the proposal of the LIC of India to cover the members of the Puducherry Police under a Savings Linked Group Insurance, wherein the family of a deceased police personnel will be benefited in the event of his death due to natural causes.  The meeting unanimously resolved to adopt the scheme by recovering the premium from the pay of each    member along with PPWS subscription amount.   Under the scheme, the lower subordinates will get coverage of Rs.1.00 lakh, upper subordinates Rs.2.00 lakhs and the Gazetted Officers Rs.3.00 lakhs.   The monthly subscription will be Rs.106/-, Rs.212/- and Rs.318/- respectively out of which 65% will go to the savings fund.   In that case, a legal heir of the individual who died in accident will get double the sum for which he is insured.  The Scheme was formally launched on 21.10.2006 by the Inspector General of Police.


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Modernization of Police Force is a necessity to meet the challenges to law and order and internal security. As a proactive measure to modernize the Puducherry Police by implementing the best and most efficient and effective facilities, a Safe City project has been submitted to MHA on 10th July, 2014 to seek fund of Rs. 50.72 crores. The approval for the project and allocation funds from MHA is awaited.


Implementation of the safe city project would help in mitigating the risk of urban vulnerabilities and violence and shall reduce the probability of crime and criminal activities and ensure a secure and safe city environment for the city of Puducherry.  Safe city solutions incorporate a wide array of technology driven sub systems. Integration and interoperability of these sub-systems is fundamental in obtaining better intelligence from various sources and sensors. The major components of the Safe City Project include:


A.   Integrated Intelligence Strengthening and Surveillance (including CCTV)

B.    State of the art Command Control Centre and control room upgradation

C.    Facilities and infrastructure for Anti-terror and bomb disposal  measures

D.   Traffic Management System and Analytics

E.    Capacity Building, training and change management for police personnel


The Safe City Project will equip the Police Department in having control and awareness of the law & order situation, defined methodology with supporting data to respond to untoward incidences in a timely manner. The Safe City project will work on the two pronged approach of preventive measures and timely actions making Puducherry a more safe and secure city for the people as follow.



An illustrative representative of the proposed solution to be implemented in Puducherry is as given below:


A sample flow of the response mechanism for the receipt of a distress call through ‘100’ helpline is as given below:


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(As opinioned by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India)

MITRA - (Mobile Integrated Tracking and Rescue Application)

SOS Android Application @ Panic button in the Mobile named "MITRA" developed by PUDUCHERRY POLICE - Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Puducherry and Madam Lt. Governor launched this application in the presence of Hon'ble Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, IGP, Secretary to LG, DIGP and others at Mother Theresa Post Graduate & Research Institute of Health Sciences, Gorimedu, Puducherry on 28.01.16.




Designed & Developed by

Dr. S.Bascarane, Inspector cum Web Officer


Powered & maintained by iHorse Technologies

1st mobile application of Puducherry Government and Police in 2013-14




It is true that it is Modern World and everyone is always engaged with stress of various natures (Family / Work / Illness). Police not rolled out, as they engage with court duties, senior officer meeting, public agitations, emergencies, incidents etc. Thereby, we cannot expect everyone to anticipate or access our Emergency SMS / email.

      Helping or assisting rescue work is a special character who volunteers to help others ignoring his work and stress. We cannot expect everyone, unless we feel they are our CARE TAKERS. Such Care Takers may be from Friends, Relatives, Police, NGOs, Organizations, and Politics etc., as we deems fit. Hence, concept of selecting more than 3 or 5 or 10 Care-Takers as Emergency Contacts is must.


   Emergency also differs. Some may require the assistance of Family Members or Husband or Friend or Police.


Installation and Configuration plays major role:

                Primary steps: Download the application, install it. Then configure user details in User profile and configure the selected “Care-taker” details in “My emergency contacts”. Now your app is ready for use.



Jointly developed by

  1. Dr. S.Bascarane, Inspector STF cum Web Officer, Puducherry Police

  2. Powered and maintained by Ihorse Technologies



In light of the various incidents where victims have no choice or time to call or scream for any help this Pro-active security application is developed.


The primary aim of this app is Women Safety and to curb the ragging / eve-teasing menace and other difficulties faced by the women and girl students. The concept, design and development by the undersigned as a project to Mr.Jayaraj, MCA student of Pondicherry University proposed by Dr. Sivasathya, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department during 2013. Initial Android version of MITRA was developed and uploaded in Pondicherry University Server and utilized within Pondicherry University campus during 2014-15. Student project version is available in Pondicherry University website


       As add-on, it has all required day-to-day utility services incorporated with emergency and police contacts of Puducherry UT.



MITRA is an SIM based (GSM / CDMA) “On & Off” line mobile application to trigger pre-defined SMS (off-line and SMS  requesting for emergency assistance from care-takers to ensure SAFETY OF EVERYONE with special attention to “Children, Women and Old Aged” in times of distress. It also triggers pre-defined email requesting if “On-line”.  


“During an emergency, it is difficult for a person to locate his care-taker or friend and make a call or draft & send an SMS without being watched / detected / identified by mischief mongers / culprits”. But it is made easy through MITRA. It also continues thereafter, MITRA will automatically update your location through GPS after every 5 or 10 or 15 or 30 minutes or as you programme in its settings. This enables easy tracking and rescue of victims of kidnapping etc. 


A long felt dream has been realized through the development of MITRA.  Just “5 click on Power button” without opening the mobile or apps, it triggers a pre-defined SMS. It is like an SOS customized especially for the Puducherry Region. Here downloading of apps and its registration requires online.


The auto generated pre-defined SMS and Email and trigger it to your "My Emergency Contacts". The predefined  message will carry 

1.     Name & Mobile number of the User

2.    Google map location link for easy spotting of the person in danger.

3.    Nearest Police Station Phone number


The advantage of this application compared to other similar applications for women’s safety is its simplicity of usage.



Pamphlet in English - Page 1 / Page 2 -/-/- Pamphlet in Tamil - Page 1 / Page 2

Pamphlet English / Tamil - Video how to use


Available for CITIZENS at

1. Google Play Store and

2. National Mobile Governance Initiative of Government of India


Mobile Initiated Tracking & Rescue Application (MITRA) is a mobile application specially developed by Puducherry Police to ensure SAFETY OF EVERYONE with special attention to “Children, Women and Old Aged” in the times of distress. It is like an SOS customized especially for the Puducherry Region.  MITRA is an android “off-line GSM / CDMA based mobile” application.


Initially this was application was developed and designed jointly by Dr. S. Bascarane, Inspector of Police in liaise with Dr. S. Siva Sathya, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, Pondicherry University as a project to Student Jayaraj. The apps is under customization at Ihorse Technologies Pvt Ltd.


The advantage of this application compared to other similar applications for women’s safety is its simplicity of usage


  “During an emergency, it is difficult for a person to make a call or send an SMS to a friend, but it is easy and could not be watched / detected / identified by mischief mongers / culprits”.  This application also covers “M-governance for Police” 


                   A. Emergency intimation

                   B. Reporting information / incidents to police

                   C. Anti-ragging & eve-teasing


         Guide providing various day-to-day utility features including emergency contacts, preventive security tips, like to various specific pages of Puducherry Police Website and useful links.


The Unique Features of the APP are as follows: 


           i)      It does not require an Internet Connection. 

         ii)      It is customized especially for the Puducherry Region. 

       iii)      You need not manually open the app during emergency. On long pressing the audio button, the application gets launched automatically, and tracks your location as well as the nearest police station from your place.

        iv)      It auto composes message with the following details and sent it to three of your friends and relatives you have chosen as real caretakers.

A.     “Your present geographical location “latitude and longitude”,

B.      the nearest police station from where you are, the landline number of the police station,

C.      your IMEI number and

D.     messages that you are in trouble

          v)      Also the link https://www.google.co.in/maps/ @ latitude, longitude (tracked through GPS) is sent as an additional SMS so that if the receiver has an internet enabled phone, they can track your exact location by clicking on the link.

        vi)   The police station number is given so that your friends or relatives will know whom to call immediately. If the message is directly sent to the police station, there is a possibility that it may be overlooked.  Hence the choice of friends / real caretaker number. You can choose one or more friends / relatives to whom alert message should be sent during emergency at the time of installation. Also Update facility is provided in the menu.

      vii)      The link and IMEI number are very useful the police department for tracking you in emergency.



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The Traffic Police have plans to launch e-Challan system in Puducherry.  This project is expected to revolutionize booking of traffic offenders and will do away with the old challan books.  The Traffic Officers will be armed with pocket book-sized mini-computers attached with a camera and a printer.  The camera will be able to take pictures of the defaulter, which will act as documentary evidence.  The e-Challan devices will be connected to a central server, where details will be saved for future reference through which enhanced penalty for repetition of offences and data for recommending suspension of license / permit would be available.


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Web based application is under development by Puducherry Police, to empower citizens to apply for No Objection Certificate and Non-Conviction Certificate online and to track its status.   This application will eliminate the physical hardships faced by citizens to obtain and submit the forms and save valuable time since they would not have to physically go to the concerned SDPO to submit the application for NOC/NCC.

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      The Puducherry Police have a proposal to purchase ‘Digital Mobile Radio’ sets both Mobile and Static sets with IP protocol to have uninterrupted communication with the out regions of Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam by using IP and Wireless Technologies.


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      The Department has proposed to acquire modern weapons for its Special Units.  It is proposed to purchase of Sniper Rifles, Glock Pistols, AK 47s and INSAS Rifles.


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Eagle Eye Watch Tower

Eagle Eye Watch Tower installed at sea shore in the Coastal belt to enable easy surveillance and rescue measures  -


Inauguration of Eagle Eye Watch Tower at Kalapet - 02.06.17  

Beach Tower - "Eagle Eye" Inaugurated by DGP at Thavalakuppam Beach on 07.10.17

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Self Balance Scooter for Beach Patrolling

Self Balance Scooters was lunched at Main Beach in Puducherry UT for better surveillance and protection to Tourists ensuring better safety and presence of Police

Self Balancing Scooter for Police Patrolling in Beach Tourism Area - Inauguration held on 14.05.17

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