PTS - Training Calendar - Ready Reckoner - Oct 2018
Call - DIG-IG for the post of Deputy Comissioner in MONUSCO - MHA- dt 19.11.18
Deputation - Junior Intelligence Officer in Narcotics Control Bureau - dt 16.11.18
Investigation of Railway crimes from Rank of HC at CAPT, Bhopal dt 08.11.18
Nomination - Interrogation course at Thiruvananthipuram - 2019
Remainder - Four day course on Right to Information dt.29 10.18
Reminder -Three day course on Intellectual property
Training on VIP security at IBCTS, Delhi dt 26.11.18
UNDPKO-Police Job Opening- MHA dt 19.11.18
1. Training Adviser
2. Police Planning Officer
3. Police Officer
4. Police Liaison Officer
5. Police Reform officer
6. Investigation Officer
7. Selection and recruitment officer
8. Conduct and Discipline officer
9. Police Training officer
10. Training officer
Courses at IIHS Bangalore and CBI Academy Ghaziabad - December 2018
Willingness called for courses during Jan & Feb 2019
Willingness called for courses during December 2018.
Regulation of Cyber Crimes & Legal aspects dt. 05.11.18
Four day course on Right to Information dt.25 10.18
Inviting Success stories of Police Personnel
MID Career Training Programme Phase -V  dt.31.10.18
Surviving Disaster Kedarnath to Kerala Police Experience
Training conference - TRAINDIA-2018 - Capacity Development dt.29.10.18
Course on SOFT SKILLS dt.30.10.18
05 Days Course on Cyber Crime Investigation - SVPNPA on 11.15.19
BOMB and IEDs course for SIs to SPs dt.29.10.18
Five days course on Intelligence for the IPS officer
Course on Station House management dt.05.10.18
IED (Improvised explosive devices) Disposal course Level III
Advance course on Investigation and detection of crime
02 days training - cyber communication challenges - NIA HQrs new Delhi
19th batch canine and canine handlers training - narcotics - 2019
Training program on Road Accident Investigation
BPRD - 2 National Conference of Police HOD - IO - New Delhi dt. 11.10.18
BPRD - Vertical Interaction Courses - 2018-19
NICSF - Training Course scheduled
CISF 50 Year - essay competition dt. 22.10.18
CDTI - Anti Human Trafficking - 10.12.18 to 14.12.18
CDTI Hydrabad - Trainers on safety or women related issues
SVP NPA - 5 Day - Explosive IEDs - Blast procedures - dt.28.10.18
SVP NPA - 38 th IPS Induction Training Course - 2018-19
Circular Memorandum - Fill up vacancies of Junior Intelligence officer -1- Executive
Implementation of HS observations arising out of DsGP- IsGP conference -2017 dt.12.10.18
Conduct of First Marine Police Foundation Course
38 th IPS Induction Training course for SPS officer from 10 the Dec 2018- dt.12.10.18
MID - Message on Career Training Programme - Phase III for IPS Officers Scheduled
MID - Career Interaction between Armed Forces and Civil service officers - 2018
Covering letter - SP PTS - dt.10.10.18
CDTI - Advance Course on Investigation and detection crime
CDTI - Station House Management
ESCI - Road Safety Management
IITA - Advance Security Liaison (ASL Post coverage Report
IITA - Vaterinary Nursing Course for Dog Handlers
NEPA - Crime & criminal Tracking Network & systems
SVPNPA - Network & cloud forensics
SZRTC - Counter terrorism
TOT in relation of child Rights and Child protection
SVP NPA - Courses for IPS officers - 09.10.18

CIRT(MoRTH) - Courses - Free Training programme on Traffic

Covering letter -Courses offered by Various training Academy - SP PTS dt 08.10.18

CBI - Cources on Counter Prevention Programming

CDTS Hyderabad - Training on safety Women - 26.11.18 to 30.11.18

JUDO championship - Open selection of Common wealth

Meghalaya Police 1 - Advance Scientific Investigation techniques

Meghalaya Police 2 - Advance Scientific Investigation techniques

One day workshop on Combating Financing of Terror at Dwarka, Delhi on 25.10.18 dt 27.10.18

SVP NPA - Course Calendar - 2019

SVP NPA - Course for Judicial Officers and Prosecuters - on Cyber Crime & Cyber Law

SVP NPA - Courses offered during 2019 dt.05.10.18

SVP NPA - Joining Instructions for Senior Courses

Telangana State Police academy - Course on Human Rights - 22.10.18 to 24.10.18