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Transfer and Posting of Inspector - SP(HQ) Order dt 19.12.16
Promotion from HC to ASI - SP(HQ) Order dt 21.12.16
Cyber crimes Cell - Posting Order for CID PS - SSP(HQ) Order dt 2012.16
Court - Periodical Crime Meetings - CJ Puducherry - 23.12.16
New Year 2017 Celebrations at Hotels - Municipality Notice - dt 19.12.16
Circular - Use of Debit - Credit Card - Mobile Phone - DP&R - dt 01.12.16
MACP Scheme to Inspectors - SIs dt 23.12.16
Juvenile Justice Board-Uploading information of cases in Conflict with law in “Track the child Portal
Remainder-Appointment of Mahila Police Volunteers in Puducherry District dt 14.12.16
LG Police Medal and Commendation Certificate for Republic day 2017 - Nominations invited - SP(HQ) dt 09.12.16
MACP to IRBn personnel of Various ranks - Order dt 14.12.16
Awarding of Special Grades - Particulars called in format - SP(HQ) - dt 07.12.16
JAIL - Premature release of life convict - Advisory Board - 25.11.16
NTCP and COTPA - Compliance in Monthly Crime Review & Trainings - Health Department - 28.11.16
Elections Commission - SOP for seizure of cash and other items - Instructions - 01.12.16
FIR Registration - High Court Directives in Lalitha Kumari-IV and V - Law Department dt 17.11.16
Coastal PS - Erection of Warning sign at beaches - Tourism Dept - 29.11.16
MACP scheme to 93 Nos. of Police Personnel - SP(HQ) dt 5.12.16
Hon'ble Lt G interact with Private Security Agencies on VC - Police Head Quarters Puducherry - 03.12.16 by 1500 hrs
Press Note of SSP LO - Lawspet Decoity Case - 01.12.16
Coastal PS - Erection of Warning Sign at beaches – 29.11.16
Coastal PS - Drowning deaths at beaches- promulgation initiatives - 29.11.16
Security to the holy places - dt.22.11.16
Human Rights Research Projects - MRP Short term
Wireless Wing - Absorption of PCs to fill up vacant post of RTPC - MPC - WHPC - Willingness called by SP (HQ) - dt.25.11.16
FIR Registration - Latest Directions of High Court for TN and Puducherry - dt. 24.11.16
Press Note by SSP LO - ATM Credit Card Fraud - 29.11.16
SIM Card Sale on fake documents - Action sensitization - MHA & DoT dt 16.11.16
PTS a course of "Understanding TRANSGENDER" conducted by VHS Voluntary Health Services today on 26.11.16
Vigilance Awareness - NOTICE BOARD DISPLAY - English - 24.11.16
Vigilance Awareness - NOTICE BOARD DISPLAY - Tamil - 24.11.16
National Commission for Minorities - Implementation - Call for Rewards to Police officers - 16.11.16
National Commission for Minorities - Report Implementation - Home Dept - 24.10.16
National Commission for Minorities - Report Implementation - 29.12.15
French Citizens Properties - Safeguard - Secretary to Government (Home) Notice - dt 10.11.16
Vigilance Commission - Notice Board - Chief Vigilance Office dt 17.11.16
Chief Vigilance Office - Display of Standard Notice Board in all PS and Offices - CVC dt 09.11.16
Supreme Court - Conditions laid for FIR Registration vide Lalita Kumari case dt 07.11.16
Appeal against acquittal of criminal cases in time - Mentoring Note of H.Lt. G dt 07.11.16
Posters on Child helpline by NGO - Display in all PS - instructions of DGP - 14.11.16
Joining report - AK Gawas, IPS - as SSP (L&O) on 16.11.16
Bye-Election to Nellithoppu Constituency - 19.11.16
Transfer and posting of SSP's - Order dt 16.11.16
Children Help Line Awareness - 14.11.16
Roller Scatting Club - Awareness Rally 13.11.16
Crackers manufacturers-Suspension of license issued under Explosive Act and Rules dt 6.11.16
DGP Circular - Filing of appeal against the acquittal cases in time - dt 09.11.16
Deputation call to PCs and HCs - As Security Assistants in Indian Diplomatic Missions and Posts (Embassies, High Commission and Consulates)
Recommendation No.69 DsGP and IsGP conference 2015 dt 04.11.16
Puducherry Police - Supreme Court Directions - FIR for Citizens - CCTNS for Citizens 
SSP(L&O) - Minutes of Bye-Election Review meeting held on 01.11.2016
DGsP / IGsP conference 2015 - Status Compliance implementation of PMs directives recommendation - dt 04.11.16
Bye-Elections to Puducherry-Border Check posts dt 4.11.16
Filling HC vacant by promotion - Integrity Certificate and Performance Certificate - called for - SP(HQ) dt 8.11.16
Filling HCs vacant by promotion - Service particulars & No Operative punishment Certificate - called for dt 08.11.16
FIR in Police website (Citizen Portal of CCTNS) - Supreme Court Guidelines -  Joint Director, NCRB, MHA, New Delhi - dt 30.9.2016
Puducherry Liberations Day Parade - 01.11.16
Farewell to retiring Police personal - 31.10.16
National Unity Day Parade - 31.10.16
Singing competition - Police welfare - 27.10.16
Drawing Competition - Police Welfare - 26.10.16
Bye-election to Nellithope - Declaration of dry days - Excise Dept
Bye-election - Monitoring of Production, distribution of liquor - Excise Dept - dt 21.10.16
Bye-Election - Prevention of Defacement of Property dt 22.10.16
Lok Adalath on 12.11.16 - Review Meeting with SPs on 03.11.16 - Free Legal Authority
Weekly Magazine "SEITHI OLI" - Cancelled - Order of District Magistrate - dt 24.10.16
Deepavali Festival - Not to visit Senior Officer - SP (HQ) - dt 19.10.16
CRB - COTPA act case 2016 - Details called - dt 24.10.16
Deepavali - Minutes on HLG interaction with Police personnel on 17.10.16 at 18.00 hrs - English / Tamil
Bye - Election at Nellithope constituency - Instructions of SP East - dt 20.10.16
Solai Nagar OP - Estimate for revamping Electrical Works - SP(HQ) - dt 21.10.16
GO 12-16 - Transport - Constitution of State Transport Authority - Notification dt 17.10.16
Coastal PS - Preventive Steps against drowning at Puducherry beaches dt 21.10.16
Coastal PS - Preventive Measure analysis - request for details of Drowning deaths dt 21.10.2016
Diwali 2016 - Taluk Committee for regulation on Fireworks - DM Revenue - dt 19.10.2016
Anti-ragging - Measured direction by Hon'ble SC - Compliance - dt 8-May-2009
Updating of Service Book - Kind attention for PCs - SP (HQ) dt 13.10.16
Minutes of the meeting - Traders Associations on 11.10.16
Police Commemoration day - Persons honoured - 2016
Police Commemoration Day Observed - Parade conducted - Hon'ble CM of Puduchery Preceded over the function. The history of commemoration day traces back to 21st October 1959, when a patrol party of CRPF, led by SI Karam Singh, was ambushed by the Chinese forces at Hot Springs ladakh and 10 jawans were killed, the bravery and resultant sacrifice of jawans fighting at 16,000 ft. altitude, in extremely cold conditions and against all odds, is an epitome of the rarest of the rare courage Indo-Tibetan Border Police sends a representative party of all police forces, of the country, to Hot springs, Ladakh every year to pay homage to the martyrs who laid down their lives on 21st Oct, 1959 while guarding national frontiers. PHOTOS
Police Commemoration Day - Arrangements - Minutes 2016
HLG - Minutes on the briefing meeting held on 14-10-16
DIT - Virtual IT Cadre – Assessment of e-Governance Projects undertaken by Departments and Offices
Special Briefing by Lt Governor - Dr. Kiren Bedi IPS (Retd), Hon'ble Lt Governor of Puducherry had briefed Police Officers today by 1730 Hrs on 17.10.16 - Photos
Foot Patrol - Shri Sunil Kumar Gautam IPS, DGP Puducherry Police had performed foot patrol in Mudaliarpet PSL along with SSPs, SPs, Inspectors, CIs and SHO to creat awareness on FOOT PATROL and to develop confident among general public against Rowdism and extortion etc - 15.10.16 by 1630 Hrs - Photos
PPM Presidents Police Medal and PM Police Medal for RD 2017 - Proposals called - SP(HQ) - 14.10.16
7th Pay Commission recommendation - Grant Advances Amendment - 07.10.16
Deepavali Festival - Sound Pollution Limit - Directions of PPCC & Implementation of Supreme Court Guidelines - 07.10.16
Traders Meeting was conducted at DGP conference Hall on 11.10.16 chaired by SSP(L&O) in presence of Commissioner, Puducherry Municipality towards the peaceful conduct of Festival Season Marketing - Officers from the rank of SHO to SP were present
Bail Objection at High Court - CD file with Status update required - PP, High Court, Chennai 26.09.16
Book release - "Samvidhan Kavya" authored by Shri Sunil Kumar Gautam IPS, DGP Puducherry released by Hon'ble Lt Governor
Police Arrangements in connection with weekend duty deployment dt 06.10.16
Minutes of the meeting on the proposed mock drill on 08.10.16
Appointment of Mahila Police Volunteers in Pdy district dt 04.10.16
Certificate-One day Workshop-Cyber Law and Digital Evidence dt 06.10.16
Transfer and Posting of SIs - Order of SP(HQ) dt.06.10.16
IRBn - MACP to 22 Cooks - Revised - CMT Order dt.03.10.16
PTS - Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) conducting 3 days course on Traffic Management System (PPP-Model) - GOI proposal and legislations on Traffic Management jointly for Police, Transport Department and PWD - Awareness course highlights and sensitize A - Z on Traffic - 29.09.16 to 01.10.16 *** Photos - Inauguration by Minister & Conclusion day by Hon'ble Lt.G
Digital India Outreach Campaign dt 6.5.2016
Child Abuse - Fighting fear fearlessly - Nirbheek
Fire Cracker - Action against clandestinely import and sale - Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, GOI - dt 20.9.16
Additional Charge - Traffic Karaikal & TR Pattinam with SP N Kkl - SP(HQ) office Order dt 02.03.16
Confirmation to PCs - Order of SP(HQ) dt.19.09.16
Reorganization of Puducherry Police Station on 26.09.16
At a glance - Prevention of Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act (PITNDPS) dt 15.09.16
Week-End Police Arrangements for Traffic - Tourism - SSP (L&O) dt 23.09.16
Defacement removal - Directions of Chief Secretary to Government dt 23.09.16
DRDM - Illegal manufacture and storage of Explosives - Revenue - dt 21.09.15
IRBn - Absorption for the post of HC (Clerk) in IRBn - Willingness called for - Commandant IRBn dt.23.09.16***
Confirmation to PCs - Order of SP(HQ) dt.19.09.16
Police Welfare - Self Employment Training assisted by Indian Bank - 12.09.16
Website Guideline - Accessible India campaign - Social Welfare Dept - dt.16.09.16
Juvenile Justice Board - Sittings Enhancement to every Tuesday and Thursday - Court Order dt.14.09.16
Transfer and posting of APPs - Order of DOP - dt. 09.09.16
Theft of Soiled Currency Rs 5.78 Cr worth from Train Parcel - Incident 08.09.16 - Information / Clue - CB CID Chennai
Revision of Electoral Rolls- Deletion of names of Electors declared as absconders, etc - Election Department -
Transfer and Postings of Inspector - Corrigendum - SP (HQ) Orders - dt 18.9.2016
Legal Awareness for Investigating Officers of Police by Hon'ble Lt. Governor on 17.09.16 at PEC Kalapet
Punnagai - Protection and Care for Children & dropouts - 14.09.16
Police Welfare Society Meeting Chaired by SSP(HQ)
Transfer and Posting of Inspector - SP(HQ) Order dt 17.09.16
Transfer and Posting of SIs - SP(HQ) Order dt 17.09.16
Dr Kiren Bedi IPS, (Retd) Hon'ble Lt G - Beat Officers to perform special Bi-Cycle beat with Lt.G on 17.09.16 by 0530 hrs
Dr Kiren Bedi IPS, (Retd) Hon'ble Lt Governor of Puducherry - Special awareness for Investigating Officers on 17.09.16 by 1100 hrs
NCPCR - Child Sexual abuse assault (CSA) reported frequently in media dt 19.8.2016
Atomic Energy Regulatory Board - AERB Safety guide on security of radioactive sources in radiation facilities 2.9.2016
Special Mahila Police volunteers - Advisory note - dt. 09.09.16
Celebration of Police Commemoration Day on 21 October 2016 - List of police personnel killed on duty - dt.15.09.16
PTS - Hon'ble Lt Governor of Puducherry UT visit - 08.09.16
Inauguration Cycle beat patrolling by Hon'ble Lt Governor of Puducherry UT- 04.09.16
Shri Sunil Kumar Gautam IPS, DGP visited Mahe Region and conducted CLG meeting and inspections
Traffic Police - Essay and Elocution Competition at Tagore Arts College conducted on 10.09.16
Removal of unauthorised banners and hoardings . CS ID Note - Dt.07.09.16
Hon'ble Lt. Governor - Zero Crime Puducherry - Press Clipping - dt.29.08.16
SSP(L&O) - Instructions - Exercise to find out the school drop outs through the beat officer
FIR to be posted on Web - Supreme Court Direction - Judgement
Communal Harmony Meeting towards celebration of Vinayagar Chadurthi and Eid Al-Adha or Bakra Eid in Puducherry UT chaired by Shri Rajiv Ranjan IPS, SSP L&O at DGP Conference Hall on 04.09.16. Special discussion of Vinayagar Statue rally and code of conduct mutually agreed towards maintenance of Public Order
Vinayakar Chaturthi celebrations 2016 - Circular - Revenue Department - DM - dt 04.09.16
Redistribution of work among SSPs - Order of DGP dt 02.09.16
Weekly drive removal of illegal Hoardings & Posters - Chief Secretary to Government - dt 03.09.16
Updating the entries in the service Books of all police personnel dt.29.08.16
Posting of Police personnel -Temporary order dt.31.08.16
Minutes of the meeting with Nodal officers of telephone service providers dt.23.08.16
Fire Works Licence - Grant of Licence for temporary shops-Timeline fixed by GOI dt 6.8.2016
Updating the entries in Service book of all Police personnel Puducherry dt 29.8.2016
Pollution Control - Ministry of Environment & Forest - Guidelines for IDOL Immersion
Video Investigation software for Intelligent surveillance review days dt 31.8.2016
"Student Police Cadet" was inaugurated by Hon'ble Lt Governor Dr Kiren Bedi IPS (Retd) in presence of Shri Narayanasamy respected Chief Minister of Puducherry, Shri Sunil K Gautam IPS, DGP Puducherry  - Photos
PTS - Special Training and Workshop for Police Officers on ITP Act and Gambling Act by Shri Ruthrakumar, Dy DOP and Shri Chandruji Advocate on 27.08.16 chaired by SSP (L&O) 
Final Seniority of Inspector of IRBn promoted on 20.10.2010 dt 30.8.2016
Free Medical Camp to Police Officers jointly by Arupadai Veedu Medical College, Apollo Hospital, Vasan Eye Care and Auruna Lab conducted on 27.08.16 at Police Community Hall Gorimedu
Revamp of websites - Discussion Meeting on GOI guidelines - IT Dept dt 11.8.16
Rapid Assessment System (RAS) - Integration in online services - SeMT request dt 11.8.2016
MACP to 18 Followers (cook) - Orders of SP (HQ) dt 25.8.16
MACP - Cancellation - Orders of SP (HQ) dt 26.8.16
LG Minutes of the Review meet August 17.2016
Homage to martyrs on October 21 2016
Minutes of the review meeting Held in the conference hall of CS office on 18.08.16
Arms Licences - MHA - Login ID and password on Common App - Unique Identification Number
Capacity Building - Training Programme for Traffic Police - SSP LO dt 20.8.2016
e-Tender Notice - House Keeping contract - Police Dept buildings dt.26.08.16
Finger Print Bureau, Puducherry of the AFIS- Statically report dt.18.08.16
Rapid Assessment System (RAS) - Integration IT Department - Circular - dt 27.07.16
Renovation of Muthialpet Police Quarters - Type-1 - B1 to B6 - dt. 19.08.16
Websites Revamp as per Website Development Guidelines issued by GOI dt 11.8.16
Public Meeting Permission - Conditions - Order of SSP (L&O) dt 19.08.16
ITP Act - Sensitization on general guidelines and procedure - 21.08.16
Tourism Promotion - Approval of draft L&O arrangements in connection with week end arrangements - SSP (L&O) dt.19.08.16
IRBn - Tentative seniority of Inspector of IRBn - Order of CMT IRBn - dt 19.08.2016
Status Review Meeting on Police Department - Hon'ble Chief Minister of Puducherry UT had conducted the status review meeting at Conference hall, Chief Secretariat on 18.08.16 by 1300 hrs in presence of respected Chief Secretary to Government (Home), DGP, SSPs and other members of Police Department from SHOs to SPs. Corruption free Policing to promote Tourism is the need of the hour.

Communal Harmony - Communal Harmony meeting was organized by calling religious heads at Police Head Quarters chaired by DGP on 18.08.16 - Meting was participated by religious heads in which social activist were also joined - All commonly adopted for joint co-operation towards developing Peaceful and Prosperous Puducherry boosting tourism and deal communal issues with a brotherly attitude. All assured to install CCTV in their respective religious and worshiping places towards preventive measure.

IRBn - MACP Order to IRBn personnel in various Ranks - CMT IRBn Order dt.17.08.16

ID Parade 2016
ID Parade 2016 - At HOME function of Rajniwas
Confirmation of Services Police Personnel (Technical) in their entry grade - SP (HQ) Order dt.10.08.16
Security Review and Coordination meeting with Nodal officers of Service providers chaired by SSP (L&O) Puducherry was conducted on 10.08.16 by 1100 hrs  
Promotion as Inspector of Police, Wireless - SP (HQ) Order dt. 10.08.16
Updating the entries in the Service Books of all police personnel - SP (HQ) dt. 10.08.16
Inauguration of Police Tailoring Unit by Mrs DGP on 09.08.16
Standing Order - Allocation of Police Quarters - SP (HQ) 23.07.16
Farewell to retired officers chaired by DGP - July 2016
Police Commemoration Parade - details called - SP (HQ)
Minutes of the meeting with Members of Industries or Banks for CSR fund & Community Policing held on 06.07.16
Standing order for allotment of police residential quarters - application form allotment police quarters dt.08.08.16
Urgently required ACR for filling up the vacant post of ASI - Call from PS to SSP L&O dt.05.08.16
Circular - State / UT police to coordinate with private individual or agencies for CCTVs installation - DGP / IGP Conference dt 30.7.2016
SP (HQ) - Application for Allotment of Police Residential Accommodation
Grant of Financial benefits under ACP - MACP Scheme to Police personnel - No Operative Punishment Certificate - Called for dt 8.8.2016
Grant of Financial benefits under ACP - MACP Scheme to Police personnel - Performance report and Integrity Certificate - Called for dt 8.8.2016
Reminder 2 - Use of Social media to disseminate information to citizens dt 25.7.16
UGC - Security Guidelines on Women Safety - SAKSHAM - BOOK
UGC - Guidelines on Safety of Students on and off Campuses  at all Institutions of Higher Education
Promotion to ASI by Promotion - Integrity & Performance Report - Called for dt 01.08.16
Promotion to ASI by promotion - Service details called for - SP(HQ) 01.08.2016
Updating of entries in Service books of Police Personnel - SP(HQ) dt 01.08.2016
Deployment of Special Mahila Police Volunteers (MPVs) - Safety and Security of Women - JS (CS), MHA dt 20.07.16 -


Promotion to the post of HC - SP (HQ) Order dt.25.07.16
Helmet Rally - Traffic awareness Programme by DGP on 27.07.16
Police Welfare Society - General Body Meeting conducted by DGP on 27.07.16
Tentative Seniority list of Inspector of Police - circulated - Order of SP(HQ) dt.25.07.16
DP&R - GOI - OM - Consolidated instructions on Compassionate Appointment - 2013
Promotion to the post of Inspector of Police - Order of SP(HQ) dt. 25.07.16
GOI - Ministry of Road Transport and High Ways:  Driving by Minor to be stopped - Follow up action by Police - Letter dt 14.7.16
Circular - Electricity Dept - Saving Power in all Dept or Offices dt 20.7.16
Traffic - Helmet Awareness Programme - Shri Sunil Kumar Gautam IPS, DGP flagged the rally and participated in it wearing helmet - 27.07.16
Puducherry Police Welfare Meeting by DGP scheduled today on 27.07.16 at Police Community Hall Gorimedu
SSP (L&O) - Remained inviting pending ACR for Granting MACP - urgently - dt.25.07.16
DGP / IGP Annual Conference - Suggestions and Comments called for - Regarding - dated 08.07.16
I.D Note - Updating the entries in the Service Books of all Police Personnel dt 22.7.16
Retirement of Thiru R. Kumar, SP (Special Branch) dt 19.7.16
Revenue - Conferring Executive Magistrate Power - Order - GO. Ms. No. 3 Dated 27.1.2014
SMVMCH - Request to refer Medico Legal Postmortem cases to Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College-dt 12.7.16
Transfer and Posting - Deputation of Thiru M.Natarajan, SI as SO to Deputy Speaker
Transfer and Posting - Deputation of Thiru O.P Balaraman as SO to Revenue Minister for dt 19.7.16
Transfer and Posting - Repatriation of Jayabalan, SI from Deputation

IMMUNIZATION - GOI - Ministry of Health and Family Welfare - SOP - Standard Operating Procedures

1. SOP Immunization - Role of Police Dept in rare and serious events following Immunization

2. SOP Immunization - to help investigate - request for information on follow up dt 15.6.16

3. SOP Immunization - to help investigate - request for information on follow up dt 25.5.16

4. SOP Immunization - to help investigate - Directions requested for forwarding the SOPs and follow up

5. SOP Immunization - Write up on Adverse Events following Immunization (AEFI)

SP (HQ) - Special awareness programme for women police officers on "Handling cases related to Offence against Women" at PTS (26.07.16)
Puducherry police Kabadi team Participating in State Level Championship from 29.7.16 to 31.7.16 at Abishegapakkam
JIPMER - Forensic Medicine Dept conducting - Management of Sexual offences cases
Circular - Finger Print Bureau - Utilization of Live Scan System for taking finger prints of the accused persons dt.15.07.16
LAW Department - FREE LEGAL CELL (UTPLSA) - conduct of Regional Conference of State Legal Services Authorities of Southern States - Participation dt.20.07.16
Operation Muskaan - II dt.27.6.16
Stopping of Illegal / killing Sacrifices of Cows, Camels, other animals and taking action against offenders for Violation  04.07.16
Web Office Message -Publishing of Good work done - details requested - 22.07.16
I.D. Note - Updating the entries in the service books of all police personnel dt.19.07.16
Retirement of Thiru R. Kumar SP (SB) dt.19.07.16
Traffic Police - Traffic awareness DRAWING competition conducted for school Children at Bharathi Park today on 17.06.17 by 1000 hrs - More than 500 Students from various schools participated. Eminent artists from Bharathiar Palgalikoodam assisted the conduct of the competition. Appreciation received from various corners.
Dr. Kiren Bedi, Hon'ble Lt Governor of Puducherry had conducted Beat Officers meeting at Ashram Auditorium on 16.07.16 by 1630 hrs and distributed rewards to best Beat Officers, SHOs, Circle Inspectors. During her speach she briefed about the duties of Beat Officers and Community Policing.

Shri Jegadesan Kannan IPS,

Inspector General of Police, Puducherry

Filing of returns - ID Note of Chief Vigilance office dt.09.06.16

National Human Rights Committee - Review meeting held at DGP Conference Hall on 11.07.16

Review meeting with Beat Officers towards Community Policing - Highlighted on latest initiatives - Chaired by SSP(L&O) on 11.07.16   

CLG meeting with Bank Managers and Industrialist - Requesting CSR fund for Community Policing held at Chambre de Commerce on 6-7-16 - Chaired by SSP (L&O)
PIO & First Appellate Authority under RTI - Police Department - Revised - Home - Order Dt 1.7.2016
Community Policing - Bank Managers and Industrialist meeting was conducted by SSP(L&O cum Traffic) at Chambre de Commerce on 06.07.16 by 1700 hrs inviting for community participation towards secured and welfare leading to Prosperous Puduchery
Various Courses for Police Officer / Personnel for the year 2016 - Willingness called by SP(HQ) - 29.06.16
Transfer and posting of SSPs and SPs in Puducherry UT - Home Department Order dt 30.06.16
SSP (L&O) - List of persons not submitted their ACRs - Remained - II
LGS - Transgender - Rehabilitation Plans - AS to LtG - ID Note - dt.22.06.16
Circular - Press Release - Press Intimation for Official Programmes and Functions -  dt.31.05.16
SOPs to help investigation of rare and serious adverse Events following IMMUNIZATIONS (AEFI) - Information
Judicial Meeting for co-ordination meeting Police towards better prosecution & execution of pending summons and warrants - 28.06.16
Transfer and Posting of Inspectors and SI to Ministers - Home Order dt 27.06.16
Crime meeting with Judicial Magistrate on 28.06.2016 at 1630 Hrs
Message on Stress Management Course for Police Officials on 29.06.16 - SP (HQ)
Shri V.Narayanasamy, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Government of Puducherry UT assisted by Chief Secretary (Home) and JS (Home) had visited Police Head Quarters on 27.06.16 by 1630 hrs. Conducted review meeting on Crime and Administrative matters. Explained his expectations and interacted with all officers boosting confident within all. Photos
Recruitment Rules for Inspector of Police (Draft) - SP (HQ) dt. 22.06.16  
Go.Ms.No.68 - Criminal Law Amendment Act - Power - Home dt. 11.08.1970
Dr Kiran Bedi IPS (Retd), Hon'ble LT. Governor of Puducherry had visited Police Head Quarters and interacted with all officers boosting confident within all - 20.06.16 by 1730 hrs - Photos
Yoga 2016 by Puducherry Police
DAT - NEW PENSION SCHEME (NPS) - Observance of National Pension System (NPS) Service fortnight - 14.06.16
Beat Officer Notice - Muthialpet PS
Animal Welfare Board of India - Request for ban the use of glass coated metal, plastic or other sharp Manja thread - 01.06.16
Coast Guard - Report on Community Interaction Programme - 02.06.16
Shri Sunil Kumar Gautham IPS, DGP joined as  "Chief of Puducherry Police" today on 15.06.16 - Photos
Press Note by Shri Praveen Ranjan IPS, IGP, Puducherry dt 15.06.16
Regularisation of Ad-hoc Services of Inspector of Police-Orders dt.15.06.16
Transfer and Posting of Police Personnel SP (HQ) order dt.14.06.16
Farewell to Shri Praveen Ranjan IPS, IGP, Puducherry held at Parade Ground and PTS at Police Complex, Gorimedu, Puducherry  15.06.16
Posting of Recruit SI - SP (HQ) Order dt.13.06.16
ID Note of AS to Lt. Governor - Presence of Concerned Departmental Officers during any agitations as directed by Hon'ble Lt. Governor - 03.06.16
Good Work by Puducherry Police - Appreciation by Shri Durga Prasad, IPS, Director General, CRPF dt. 31.05.16 - General Election 2016 for Puducherry UT

HELP CENTER / Emergency Contacts

Police emergency



Crime Related complaints

(Will be kept Secret)




Coastal Police Emergency


Traffic Related Complaints



Child Help line


2640228 to 2640231


 Women Help Line  




 Fire / Flood / Cyclone Service


 Natural Disaster

1077 / 1070


 Casualty  - GH 


 Casualty  JIPMER   


Emergency Ambulance Service



Power cut and Power Disaster



Municipality - Stagnation of drainage, garbage etc


IRBn - Seniority List of Police Constables - Tentative Final List updated as on 11.06.16 - Order of Dy CMT IRBn


IRBn - Draft Recruitment Rules for various posts in IRBn of Puducherry Police

Deputy Commandant IRBn

Asst Commandant IRBn

Inspector of police IRBn

Inspector of Police Wireless IRBn

SI Wireless IRBn

Head Clerk SI of police IRBn


Regulation on use of Siren in vehicles - ID Note of Secretary to LT. Governor dt 05.06.16
As ordered by Hon'ble Lt.G - 1031 activated at Police Control Room Puducherry
HE the Lt.Governor - Instruction - Updating or Creation of Website for all departments
Transfer and Posting of Inspector - SP(HQ) order dt 04.06.16
Police - Welfare meeting to Police - Chaired by Hon'ble Lt.G of Puducherry UT Dr Kiran Bedi IPS (Retd) - Scheduled today by 1600 hrs
Remission of sentence for premature release of life convict prisoners - Order of Home (Jail) -  GO. MS No. 35 dt 23.05.16
"Crime Prevention and Road Safety" plan draft delivery chaired by Dr.Kiran Bedi IPS (Retd) - 31.05.16

SP (HQ) - Publishing of Draft Recruitment Rules

Draft RR for Band Master (SI Grade)

Draft RR for SI (Tester)

Draft RR for Director FPB (Finger Print Bureau)

General Election 2016 - Revocation of Arms Licences issued - 23.05.16
Assumption of Charge - Shri Jagadesan Kannan IPS as IGP - dt 25.05.16
Press Note - Crime Prevention and Road Safety by Lt G  - Kamban Kalai Arangam, Puducherry 31.05.16
Dr. Kiran Bedi IPS (Retd) sworn in as the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry today on 29.05.16 by 1830 hrs - Tweeter
Promotion to Inspectors as SP - Home Order dt 27.05.16

Draft Recruitment Rules of Police Department - as on 17.05.16

Inspector of Police (Wireless),

Wireless Operator G - 1,

Radio Technician G - 1

Radio Supervisor G-1 (Operational)

Radio  Supervisor G-I (Technical)

Inspector of Police CIPHER,

SI of Police (CIPHER),

Coxswain Syranger (SI Marine Wing),

Drivers Special Grade,

Inspector of Police (Computer),

SI of Police (Computer),

SI of Police (Store)

Comments and suggestions are invited by SP(HQ) within 30 days from the date of Uploading in website (21.05.16)

Transfer and Posting of Inspector and SIs - SP(HQ) Order 26.05.16
Recruitment Rules for the post of SI of Police draft - SP(HQ) dt 25.05.16
Transfer and Posting of Shri Jagadesan Kannan IPS as IGP, Puducherry- MHA Order dt 24.05.16
President of India - Ms. Kiran Bedi IPS (Retd) appointed as the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry - Order dt. 22.05.16
Promotion and Posting Shri Sunil Kumar Gautam, IPS as ADGP to Puducherry - MHA Order dated 26.04.2016

Transfer and Posting of Shri Praveen Ranjan IPS IGP to Delhi - MHA Order dt 16.02.16

Elections 2016 - Short links

Regulatory Order under Police Act - SSP(L&O) - 10.05.16
Elections -GEPLA 2016 SMS to Voters dt 09.5.16
Retirement on superannuation for Mr. V.Shanmugham, PPS, SP(VAC) - Home Order dt 09.05.16
Circular - Child Marriage solemnized on a large scale on Akshay Tritiya / Akha Teel - NCPCR dt 28.04.16
Minutes of the Security Review Meeting with Bank Managers held on 09.05.16
Establishment of Postal Ballot facilitation Centre for officials engaged in Election Duty - dt 07.05.2016
Circular - Instruction for correspondence with Members of Legislature - SP(HQ) Order dt 05.05.16
Letter appreciation to Muthialpet Police by Mr Rajasekar Partner Venkateswara Tailor - dt 05.03.16
Contingency arrangements during night hours for Election 2016 - SSP (L&O) - 06.05.16
Security Review Meeting with Bank Managers on transportation cash from bank to bank and ATM - Chaired by Shri. N. Gnanasambandan, IPS, Senior Superintendent of Police (L&O), Puducherry in the presence of Shri. Arul Raj, IRS, Deputy Director of Income Tax, Puducherry on 09.05.2016 @ 1700 hrs - Photos
Draft list of Banks in the UT of Puducherry as on 09.05.16
General Election 2016 - All party meeting headed by IGP in presence of Police Observer - 07.05.16
CWC - Proceedings requesting to trace Boy Missing - 28.04.16
Police Department - Declaration of PIO under RTI - 03.05.16
CAPF - State Nodal Officer - Whatsapp report from domination duties - 04.05.16
Nominations invited for CS Police Trophy for best PS - SP(HQ) dt.30.04.16
Nominations invited for CM and Rajiv Gandhi Police Medal during ID Parade - SP(HQ) dt 06.05.16
NOC to Police Personal to apply for other Posts - Home Order dt.02.14.16
Election 2016 - Collector - Prohibitory Order under 144 Cr.P.C- 05.05.16
DAT - Collection of Service Tax from PLI insurants - Order dt 26.04.16
Conduct of Medico - Legal Autopsy at Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital - Order dt.25.04.16
Call Letter - ID Parade - CS Police trophy for Best Police Station - SP(HQ) dt 30.04.16
Note - SSP HQ - CRPF Teams for VIP - SHO to liaise - Note dt 01.05.16
LOC - Periodical review for retention 2016 - IB MHA - 12.04.16
Notification - Executive magistrate for UT Puducherry - Home Order dt 20.04.16
Transfer and Posting of Inspector and SI - SP(HQ) Order dt 25.04.16
Posting of Mr. Gnanasambandan IPS as SSP (L&O) - General Election 2016 - MHA Order dt 26.04.16
Police medal for Independence day 2016 - call letter - SP(HQ)
Posting of SP in Puducherry Police Service - Subham Sundar Ghosh - Probationer Order dt. 22.04.16
Transfer and posting of HC - SP HG Order dt 25.04.16
Elections 2016- Police Observers Details - General - dt 21.04.16
Elections 2016 - Bandobust and security arrangements during pre-poll, polling and counting day - meeting dt 22.04.16
Minutes of the meeting - District Election officer - dt. 22.04.16
Practical training to SI probationer - training programme order dt.18.04.16
Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of children) Act 2015 (with Effect from Jan 16) - Awareness / sensitization on Section 77
Juvenile Justice Board, Puducherry - Review of UI cases - speedy finalization - Reminder dt.20.04.16
The Juvenile Justice Act - Press release of GOI 15.01.16
JJ Act - Awareness on important 9 Point - 2016
Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act 2015 - Bare Act Gazette dt. 15.01.16
Awareness about poaching and illegal trade in Pangolins and Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises in India
Transfer and Posting of SPs - Mutual Order - Home Order dt 22.04.16
Transfer and Posting of Inspectors and SIs - Order of SP(HQ) dt 23.04.16
Transfer Order to SPs - Home Department - Order dt.22.04.16
SSP LO - Instruction to Investigating Officers - 15.04.16
PEC- Anti Ragging Committee to Curbing the menace of ragging
Home - Press release - Fake claim by franco- Indian - 04.04.16
Election 2016 - List of places for Public Meeting - Communicated - Regarding 13.04.16
Regularisation of Inspectors - Performance, Integrity & No Operative Punishment Certificates - Call for dt.15.14.16
Regulatory Order under Police Act - Notice -SSP L&O
Elections - Signature Campaign through Thappattam - Regarding
Fire Crackers Kerala Incident - Restrictions - SSP LO instructions - 13.04.16
NCRB MHA - Vahan Samanway System - Online Motor Vehicle Co-ordination system
Juvenile Justice - Attention on "BAL DIKSHA" & JJ Act - Ministry of Women & Child Welfare - letter Dt. 16.04.16

Promotion to the Post of HC - Implementation of Court - SP(HQ) Dt 12.04.16

Tourism - Toll Free Number 1800 111363 / Short Code 1363 - Police Co-ordination with Tourism dt.05.04.16

National Investigation Agency Act-2008 - Constituting the Court of Sessions at Puducherry and Karaikal -t.31.03.16

General Elections - Door to door campaign by Party Workers - Functionaries - Instructions dt.13.04.16

Deputation of SI Thiru. B.M. Manoj SI of Police to CBI
Election - Do's and Dont's - Maintenance of law and order - Election Process - 12.04.16
Circular - All types of leave expect medical emergencies stopped till Election 2016 - SP(HQ) - 09.04.16
Election 2016 - SOP for Flying Squads - dt.09.04.16
SP(HQ) -Shri Subham Sundar Ghosh B.Tech had joined Puducherry Police Service on 08.04.16 - Under Training
Election 2016 - Counting Centre at Lawspet - Minutes of Nodal Officer with Collector - dt.06.04.16
CRPF has been entrusted to provide security to protection or different threat categories dt 05.04.16
Press Notice- Display of flag and stickers in private vehicles
NOC to go abroad - GOI guidelines - 27.07.15
NOC to go abroad - Part A and Part B Forms - 2016
Home Guards - Passing Out Parade 2016 -
Confirmation of services of Police personnel in their Entry Grade - SP (HQ) Order dt.29.03.16
IGP Instructions - Timely submission of ACRs- Instructions dt.01.04.16
Notification - General Elections to the Puducherry Legislative Assembly - dt.29.03.16
Notification - Appoints the sector officers appointed for election duties as Excise Inspectors 29.03.16
General Elections - Restrictions on possession of arms during elections exemptions - Orders
General Elections - Date and timings for Para Motor Aerial Voter awareness campaign dt.26.03.16
General Elections - Database of officials to be issued with postal ballet- Particulars sought dt.31.03.16
Retirement - Mr. GP. Palanivelu, PPS (SG), SP of Police Puducherry has retired
Election - CEPLA 2016 - List of electors under preventive detention for "Postal Vote" - dt.28.03.16
Training Message - Training Programme on Leadership and Management - Secy to IGP
MACP - Grant of Financial up-gradation to SIs - SP(HQ) Order dt.30.03.16
Confirmation 3 - Police personnel in their Entry Grade - SP(HQ) Order dt. 29.03.16
Confirmation 2 - Police personnel in their Entry Grade - SP(HQ) Order dt.29.03.16
Confirmation 1 - Police personnel in their Entry Grade - SP(HQ) Order dt.29.03.16
Confirmation - Police personnel in their Entry Grade - SP(HQ) Order dt.30.03.16
Implementation of MACP Scheme for SIs - SP(HQ) Order dt.30.03.16
Election  - Suspension of Licence issued under Explosive act and Rule
SP(HQ) - Call letter - Recommendation for the award of Presidents Police Medal - dt.23.03.16
GO Ms No 46 - Home - Special Executive magistrates in Puducherry District - dt 17.03.16
MHA - Registration of Criminal Case against Anonymous Pseudonymous false Message / emails / etc
Annual Physical verification of stores to be conducted by the departments for the year 15-16
Supreme Court Guidelines - Prevention of Mistakes of Investigating Officer
Transfer and Posting of Police personnel Corrigendum order dt.16.03.16
Re-organization of Sub Division of Police Department in Puducherry and declaration of DDOs for the sub Divisions 07.03.16
Election Department - Toll Free and Whatsapp number
Buckle number to Recruited - Absorbed PCs - SPHQ Order dt.10.03.16
Election Cell - Format for furnishing of Daily Law and Order Report - SP(EC) dt.04.03.16
Transfer and posting of Inspectors and SIs - Claiming salary for the re-organized Post, Wing & Units - dt.03.03.16
The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013
Deletion of all reference on Politicians, Ministers on the departmental official website - DIT - dt.04.03.16
Call Sign for Gazetted officer at Puducherry Region
e-Governance Project - Integration of e-transactions in the states / UTs with e-taal - DIT - dt.01.02.16
Atrocities on SCs - Seeking protection during the Forthcoming Assembly Election - 2016 - MP Rajyasabha
National Commission for Scheduled Castes dt.26.02.16
Prevention of Anti-Social Activities Act 2008 - Empowering District magistrate of Puduchery & Karaikal - dt.29.02.16
Transfer and posting of SI- SP(HQ) order - dt.04.03.16
Memorandum for cancellation of 50 candidates from the post of HG
Coastal PS Inauguration
SP South Office Inauguration
Training on POCSO Act by Free Legal Authority

Certificate Verification - provisionally selected HG candidates - 07.03.16 by 1000 hrs - SP (Recruitment Cell)

Transfer and Posting of Inspectors and SIs - Order of SP (HQ) dt 01.03.16
Recruitment to HG - Waiting List as on 01.03.16
Prosecution - Constitution of Standing committee for prosecution cases - Home dt 23.02.16
SP CID - Message - Training on POCSO and Juvenile Justice case 24.02.16
SP CID - Training Programme on POCSO and Juvenile Justice for police officers 24.02.16
Invitation - Inaugural Function - SP South office 26.02.16 / Invitation - Page 2
Posting of Police Personnel on Doing Duty - SP(HQ) Order dt 13.02.16
Voluntary Retirement to Sri Tirukoti Bhairavasamy, SP - Order of Home Department - GO. Ms.No. 07 dt 18.02.16
Election 2016 - Constitution of the State Level Committee - dt 08.02.16
Corrigendum- Transfer and Posting of Police Personnel dt. 11.02.16
Transfer and Posting of Inspector and SI - SP(HQ) Order dt 10.02.16
Transfer and Posting of Shri Rajiv Ranjan IPS as CMT IRBn cum SSP(HQ) - Home Order dt 09.02.16
Declaration of Probation as SI - SP(HQ) Order dt. 08.02.16
GO. Ms. No. 48 - Home Order dt 28.07.15 - Traffic re-structuring - Puducherry Police
GO Ms No 56 - Setting up of 4 New Units and 2 Police Stations - Home Order dt.19.08.15
GO. Ms. No. 47 - Re-organization of Puducherry Police - Home Department Dt 21.07.15
Transfer and posting of Inspector's and SIs - Order of SP(HQ) dt 09.02.16
Transfer and posting of SP's - Order of Home Department dt 09.02.16
Press Note - Election - Transfer of Police Personnel - SSP(L&O) - 06.02.16
Posting of HCs on Promotion - Order of SP(HQ)  Order dt 05.02.16
Transfer and Posting of PCs - SP(HQ)  Order dt 05.02.16
Transfer and Posting of Police Personnel - HCs - SP(HQ)  Order dt 05.02.16
Transfer and Posting - HC Promotion & HC - PC - SP(HQ) Order dt 05.02.16
Auction Notice - English  / Tamil
Deputation to Mr. P. Sridar, SI as Security Officer to Minister of Fisheries
IPS Association (Central) - Photo Essay Competition - On Indian Police of My DREAMS - last date 14.02.16
PTS - One day basic course on HUMAN RIGHTS jointly by NHRC and Puducherry Police at PTS, Gorimedu - Chaired by Shri Praveen Ranjan IPS, IGP Puducherry in presence of Dr. R Dhanabal Chairman (IIPA) was conducted to Police Personnel of Puducherry Police today on 30.01.16. - Invitation
Press Note - MITRA - 28.01.16
Photos - SOS Android Application @ Panic button in the Mobile named "MITRA" developed by PUDUCHERRY POLICE - Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Puducherry and Madam Lt. Governor launched this application in the presence of Hon'ble Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, IGP, Secretary to LG, DIGP and others at Mother Theresa Post Graduate & Research Institute of Health Sciences, Gorimedu, Puducherry today 28.01.16 - During the function, 113 Police Personnel were awarded with Special Grades.                             
RD Celebration - RD Parade - At home celebration in Raj Niwas
Lt. Governor Police Medal - RD Parade 2016 - Page 1 and Page 2

Congratulation for receiving Presidents Police Medal during RD Parade 2016

                           Shri. Praveer Ranjan, IPS, IGP - PPM for Distinguished Service

                           Shri. Rajasankar Vellat, Inspector - PPM for Meritorious Service

1st Price - IRBn Contingent - RD Parade 2016
1st Price in Tableau - Police Department - RD Parade 2016
Promotion as Special Grade to PCs HCs ASIs - SP(HQ) Order Dt 25.01.16 - Page 1 / Page 2 / Page 3
Promotion for Band Master - SP(HQ) Order dt 25.01.16
Promotion as Inspector of Police - SP(HQ) Order dt 25.01.16
Promotion as 5 Inspector of Police - SP(HQ) Order dt 25.01.16
PRESS NOTE - Promotion of Police Officials - dt. 25.01.16
PRESS NOTE on Medals for Puducherry Police for RD parade 2016 dt. 25.01.16
 President Police Medal for RD Parade 2016 - Distinguished Service - Meritorious Service
 Transfer and Posting of PCs - Order of SP(HQ) dt 22.01.16
 Willingness from HGs - Recruitment for Multi Tasking Staff (Security and House Keeping) - SP(HQ) message dt. 21.01.16
 MACP for 87 PC - SP(HQ) Dt 23.12.15 - Page 1 / Page 2 / Page 3 / Page 4 / Page 5 / Page 6 / Page 7
 Confirmation to 180 PC - SP(HQ) Order dt 22.12.15 - Page 1 / Page 2 / Page 3 / Page 4 / Page 5 / Page 6 / Page 7
 Confirmation to 153 PC - SP(HQ) Order dt 23.12.15 Page 1 / Page 2 / Page 3 / Page 4
 Confirmation to 57 PC - SP(HQ) Order dt 22.12.15 - Page 1 / Page 2 / Page 3
 Special Grade to Police Personnel - Tentative - SP(HQ) Memorandum - 14.01.16 - Page 1 / Page 2 / Page 3
 MACP to PCs - Corrigendum - Order of SP(HQ) dt.06.01.16
 Operation Smile -II -Circular dt.04.01.2016
 Sri. Rajiv Ranjan IPS joined Puducherry Police Service following his transfer order

Draft Recruitment Rules of Police Department - as on 17.05.16

Inspector of Police (Wireless), Wireless Operator G - 1, Radio Technician G - 1 Radio Supervisor Grade -1 Radio  Supervisor Grade - Technical, Inspector of Police CIPHER, SI CIPHER, Coxswain Syranger (SI Marine Wing), Drivers Special Grade,

Inspector of Police (Computer), SI of Police (Computer), SI of Police Store

Comments and suggestions are invited by SP(HQ) within 30 days from the date of Uploading in website (21.05.16)

Wishing Happy New 2016


















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