The Police Training School, Puducherry was inaugurated by His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry K.M. Chandy, on 11th July 1983 at Shanmugapuram Police Complex, Gorimedu, Puducherry. The school imparts basic training to direct recruited Sub-Inspectors and Recruit Police Constables.   Normally recruitment is made once in a year or any time depending on the number of vacancies arising from time to time.    The basic training period for Police constable nine months. The basic training for the  Sub-Inspector of Police is one year duration. Normally, the recruit Sub-Inspectors are  sent to any Police Training College in other State since we have no  sufficient training facility  for training them in the Police Training School, Puducherry.  After inauguration of the  Police Training School, 17 Batches of Recruit Police Constables with a total strength of 1575 constables in all and 1(one) batch of  9  Cadet  Sub-Inspector were trained in this institution.     


2. The object of imparting basic training is to prepare a recruit professionally to discharge duties as an efficient Police man and also to inculcate in him the habit of keeping sound physique, mental health, discipline, self-reliance, observation, punctuality, awareness of Police-Public relationship, courtesy and straight forwardness.  In other words to equip him mentally, physically and temperamentally for undertaking the arduous duties and responsibilities of a Policeman.


  3. In view of the modernization of Police Force, the suggestions for the re-organization of the training programmes to equip the Police Personnel with the knowledge, skill and attitude required to understand and meet the demands of their new role in the country are essential for continued process of training and hence the training institution is to be equipped with eminent instructors to cope up with the work of moldings Police Personnel in new shape and making this institution as full fledged one.  The above suggestions have also been emphasized in the Pondicherry Police Commission Recommendation at Page No.45, para-5, 11 under the head “Training”. 


4. Basically training is an exercise of a reciprocal process of teaching and learning which aims at converting a Human-being into an Human resource in any organization especially Police Department and converting man into manpower by adding the required POWER and MAN for the purpose of accomplishment of the assigned tasks.  Training is gradual process of change and has three phases namely: 

1)        The Unfreezing Phase

2)        The Remolding Phase and

3)        The Refreezing Phase. 


5.  Any attempt to train an individual involves all the three above phases.  In the Police Department, Unfreezing is necessary because individuals after recruitment come to training centers with different habits, values, practices and pattern of behaviour.  To affect them through training, their normal habits, styles, values and practices have to be questioned, disturbed and unfrozen.  Once new pattern of behavior is learnt or internalized, there is a need for refreezing of the new acquired styles of performance.

  6. The Police Training School is functioning under the overall supervision of SSP(C&I).  The Superintendent of Police (Training), who is the Principal of Police Training School, exercises all administrative control over the staff and smooth running of the school.  Since the sanctioned strength is not sufficient of the full engagement of Indoor as well as Outdoor classes, additional strength was drawn from other units on Doing-duty basis.          





















8.  Apart from this strength,  Police officers in the ranks of Superintendent of Police, Inspector of Police and Sub-Inspectors of Police  from various  units are visiting the Police Training School to handle classes for Indoor Syllabus.  In addition to this, Medical Officer, Fire Officer, Counselor of Family Counseling Center and Social Worker are also engaged to take  classes in the subjects relating their specialties. 





Indoor and Outdoor subjects  for the Recruit Police Constables.




1 PAPER – I     Role of Police in Modern India
2 PAPER – II    Police Organization and Administration
3 PAPER – III   Criminology
4 PAPER – IV   Police Science
5 PAPER – V    Indian Penal Code & Criminal procedure Code
6 PAPER  - VI  Indian Evidence Act and Special & Local Laws
7 PAPER – VI I  Police Duties    
8 PAPER – VIII  Police Procedure
9 PAPER – IX    Computer Application
10 PAPER  X   Human Rights & Ethics





Physical Fitness Programmes




Crowd Control


Traffic Control1

5 Weapon Training
6 First Aid
7 Field Craft
8 Unarmed Combat
9 Swimming
10 Games and Athletics

Route March, Road Walk & Run and Cross Country race



10.  Indoor subjects  are taught in two semesters.  In the first Semester, subjects like Modern India, Police Organization, Police Science and Criminology are taught  and the semester examinations are conducted by  a Board of  Examiners duly constituted by the Senior Superintendent of Police (C&I).In the second semester, the remaining subjects  mentioned as Paper V to X are taught and after the course,  the final semester examinations are conducted by the  Board of Examiners duly appointed. The examinations in the outdoor subjects are conducted by a separate Board of Examiners constituted by the Senior Superintendent of Police(C&I) and they are conducted once  after the completion of the entire training programme.  


11. Passing Out Parade for  Recruit Police constables is conducted  for each batch  after  completion of the Basic Training.    A badakhana is also organized in the Police Training School on the day of Passing Out Parade in order to promote fellowship and to create a family atmosphere among the recruits. Hon’ble Chief Minister, Senior Police and Civil officers of the Government, important dignitaries and members of the public are invited for the Passing Out day function.  


12. The following awards are given to the recruits Police constables based on their performances in the semester examinations:

i).   Lieutenant-Governor’s Trophy for  ALL ROUNDER

ii).  Chief Minister’s Trophy for  BEST IN LAW

iii). Chief Secretary’s Trophy for BEST IN INDOOR 

iv).  DGP’s Trophy for  BEST IN FIRING.


Cash rewards  of Rs.1000/- each  and commendations certificates are also issued to the above awardees.  Apart from these, cash reward of Rs.500/- and commendation certificate are issued to each of the Recruit Police constables who stood first  in the semester examinations in  each of the ten indoor subjects. 


13.  Apart from the basic training of recruit police constables, Police Training School also organizes periodical Refresher Courses, Pre-courses, Induction courses for upper and lower sub-ordinates as mentioned below:  

i)        Refresher Course :  Refreshers Courses are conducted for the lower subordinates in the ranks of Head Constables and Police Constables  for a period  extending from 30 days to  6 days. So far,  42 batches of such courses  have been conducted by this institution.   

ii)       Special Course:  Special Courses in  “Scientific Aid to Investigation”  are conducted for Head Constables.  So far 12 batches of such course have been trained from this institution.  

iii)      Re-orientation Course: Re-orientation Courses are conducted for the Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors of Police.  Services of  retired and serving senior Police officers are  utilized for this course.  

iv)      Pre-Course Training:  This institution is also  conducting pre- courses to Police officers and men who are nominated for advanced courses such as Commando Course, Unarmed Combat etc., in reputed institutions elsewhere so that the nominees are given inputs before they are sent  for the proposed advanced courses.   

v)       Induction Course:  This  institution is also giving induction courses to the promotee Sub-Inspectors and Head Constables so as to train them on the  duties and responsibilities in their promoted posts.  


14.  The Police Training School is located in the Government building at Shanmugapuram Police Complex. There is separate Administrative Block for the Police Training School wherein  the offices of  Superintendent of Police - cum - Principal, Inspectors of Police (Indoor and outdoor), Sub-Inspector of Police (Indoor and Outdoor) and administrative staff are located. The Library, Computer Lab, Armory,  and Store Room are also attached  with this block.   The barracks for the trainees are provided in two blocks of building situated behind the Administrative Block. Altogether there are        5 barracks and two lecture halls  for the accommodation  and taking classes for the  trainees. Separate dinning room, kitchen, Gymnasium and store rooms are attached with the barracks. There is  a parade ground with facility for obstacles training and also a police stadium attached with the Police Training School.


15.  As a part of training to the Recruit Police Constables, Yoga is also being taught to them in this institution thrice in a week.  A Yoga  Teacher  from the Physiology Department, JIPMER, Pondicherry  is conducting Yoga  classes for the trainees.  


16. Since we have no sufficient infrastructural and other facilities, the basic training of Sub-Inspectors of Police and above are conducted in other states depending upon the allotment of seats by the concerned training institutions.